A Man Could Be Lucky One Thousand Times But, One Thoughtless Act May Ruin Him

A Male Can Be Lucky One Thousand Instances Nevertheless, One Mindless Act Could Injury Him


This phrase is among the most suched as phrase in English for Kumar.

He was a lucky man from beginning onwards. His involved uncle that handed away on the day he was birthed, left all his possessions to him. Therefore, a child birthed to impoverished mothers and dads had the flexibility to acquire a big big selection over evening. In training and studying moreover he continually stood initially not resulting from effort, but resulting from giant good luck. (The inquiries would definitely be merely from the little part, he deliberate for the evaluation). He obtained a superb activity, that of a supervisor in a world enterprise on the age of twenty in his preliminary assembly itself.

No query he was a handsome particular person. Included together with his very personal good luck, girls have been merely behind him. Nevertheless he desired an exquisite pure lady and in addition after a prolonged search obtained wed to Lakshmi. He was solely dissatisfied that he was not so lucky as a result of side. She was not a modern-day woman modern-day, in his viewpoint. No query she was beautiful, but not stunning he bought out of his different half.

Second Of All, she was not convent enlightened. She had truly researched simply roughly tenth criterion in a neighborhood faculty.

Stopping the preliminary week after their conjugal relationship, he did disappoint fee of curiosity in making love together with her.

Lakshmi didn’t comprehend the issue for his mindset within the route of her. However she built-in to the situation specifying that “even if the husband is a stone he is the boss and grass leaf he is the God” which is the everyday mindset of residential girls of South India.

Kumar was ready in New Delhi airport terminal for the return journey to Mumbai. Nevertheless. His ticket was not validated. He merely terminated his touring consultant that reserved a superb cool prepare ticket and in addition they hurried to the prepare terminal.

The prepare will start and in addition he merely pressed in. He was confronted to his seat by the conductor with all regard.

The prepare started gaining floor when he eradicated his layer and in addition had a glimpse of the cabin.

My God! It appeared that each one the perfect started grinning at him as soon as extra.

It was a sports activities automotive and in addition the assorted different proprietor was a ‘blonde treasure trove’. She extended a welcome smile at him and in addition he started flying in air.

“Hello, I am Hema” she extended her hand and in addition in return Kumar offered himself and in addition seized the hand.

For merely fifteen minutes they have been tab chatting and in addition Kumar knowledgeable “Excuse me, madam.” So stating, he opened his brief-case. He bought glorious scotch container and in addition 2 glass mugs. He extended one to her and in addition readily she took it.

The beverage removed all of the reluctance. He embraced her with full blast and in addition she by no means ever challenged any sort of step he made.

That night he understood the definition of heaven. He obtained what all he missed out on together with his different half Lakshmi.

Following day once they removed every varied different “Hema, please leave your address to me”

“Sorry Sir, It is one time affair. Let me join my husband”

In Mumbai C.S.T terminal her different half was ready to acquire her. Kumar was shocked to see him. My God, positively no distinction!

He was incapable to neglect her enterprise additionally after he bought to office.

There was yet one more shock for him ready.

His supervisor Mr Sundar, M.D of the enterprise known as him inside. When he entered he was taken by shock to see a very beautiful dame being in entrance of him.

“Welcome Kumar. Please take your seat.” After that he knowledgeable, “Meet my daughter Mala. She has just returned from U.S. Shortly she will be taking over this company”. After that, he remodeled within the route of his youngster and in addition knowledgeable. “Mala, Kumar will introduce you to all the nuances of this business. He knows all the ins and outs”

“Whether I show all the ins and outs of business, I will show the ins and outs of human sex” Kumar was getting ready simply the way to overcome her.

He believed it was not a very powerful level for him. They positioned nice deal of non-public privateness whereas going to totally different places of Mumbai. They consumed alcohol and in addition danced with one another. In addition they had prolonged kisses. But additionally for full intercourse she didn’t require.

“Mr Kumar. I know that you are already married. Unless you give me the legal status of wife I will not allow to have sex with me”.

Kumar ready additionally to homicide his different half Lakshmi. Nevertheless he wanted to do it in a very revolutionary method by which nobody should assume him. He was awaiting the chance.

His good luck opened up yet one more utterly brand-new location of risk for him. He was requested to move to Ny metropolis for two years to collaborate with their entrepreneurs. In accordance with their enterprise insurance policies simply wedded people are certified for such tasks. The enterprise would definitely take care of all their necessities. They have been suggested to supply the scientific information and in addition keep in preparedness to start.

Scenes scooted. Kumar delayed his put together for killing his different half. Their medical examination mored than in every week and in addition he was awaiting the report. Doctor’s P.A knowledgeable him that it may take 10 minutes and in addition he was requested to attend within the lounge.

The lounge seat was extraordinarily comfortable and in addition he selected it. Inside minutes, the information ready and in addition a youthful doctor introduced it to him. “I am sorry Mr Kumar, your wife can not accompany you”

Kumar was incapable to assume his ears. “What! Am I going alone?” His coronary heart was leaping with happiness. Nevertheless with an artificial drawback he requested, “What is the reason Sir?”

“Sorry sir, She is infected with bone tuberculosis, a rare disease. She has to take immediate treatment”

“My God, My luck has started working” he loved inwardly. His thoughts started to compute immediately. “The slow poisoning had its own effect. Let her die here itself. Somehow or other I shall go to States. Once she dies, let me marry Mala without worrying about others”. Principally he was flying in air.

“Mr Kumar” a registered nurse drank him to rise up. My God! It was only a need in his fifty % relaxation.

“Mr Kumar, the senior doctor wishes to meet you”.

“Mr Kumar, please take your seat”, the aged used him a seat and after that proceeded, “Mr Kumar I am very sorry to say this”

Kumar was anticipating what would definitely adhere to. His good luck is patronising him as soon as once more.

“Kumar, you could not go to U.S. I am very sorry about this. But it is a fact.”

“Why Sir?” Kumar was shocked.

“I am sorry that YOU are infected HIV positive. As per company rules, you can’t continue in their service also because of your HIV infected status”

Kumar was noticeably shocked. After a prolonged day trip, he requested, “Sir, can’t you avoid reporting this to them and help me in retaining the job?”

“I am sorry Kumar, I am paid heavily by the company for this work, I am their staff and not yours. I have to report my findings. I am sorry, now you can go”

Kumar rose utterly hopeless. Additionally at that pitiable section, the evil one in him requested the priority, “Sir, my wife?”

“She is perfectly O.K. Though she is your wife, she is not infected with HIV.”

Sure. Kumar didn’t make love together with her for the final quite a few years. “How did I get it?” Kumar was perplexed.

Unexpectedly the flash got here. The prepare lady, with whom he made love gladly within the prepare. That was the issue for an infection.

“Sir, Sorry to disturb you. May I ask a few questions?”

Sure, but be fast”

” Sir I used to be ripped off by a very beautiful woman. Might such a surprising woman have HIV?”

“Why not? HIV will definitely not have any sort of outdoor indicators. I can reveal quite a few people that declare but present up extraordinarily handsome and in addition wholesome and balanced. I require not look wherever, You’re a handsome man, now you might be HIV impacted.”

“Sir”, Kumar was about to cry. “Sir, Have I shed no matter?”

“I can’t state you shed each level. You have to make it possible for no opportunistic an infection like T.B attain you. For that you have to reside in a tidy atmosphere, breath contemporary air and in addition breathe in wholesome and balanced meals. It’s a lot better you confess by yourself in a superb Ashram and in addition start taking remedy within the above fashion. There are quite a few such Ashrams carried out by HELP professionals”

“Sir, finally only one concern. What concerning intercourse?”

“Definitely, you can also make love both together with your different half or others. Nevertheless one drawback, you have to by no means ever have un-protected intercourse. You have to safe with a top quality prophylactic. Don’t make love with unidentified people. They may have HIV an infection. Use prophylactic alone will definitely keep away from unfold of the an infection. Likewise you have to by no means ever require to envigorating drinks, which will definitely generate to flawed.”

Kumar appeared in a fully distressed way of thinking.

GOOD LUCK will definitely not favour continually. Additionally a solitary slip would possibly end in disaster.

Kumar didn’t intend to adjust to any one of many suggestions supplied by his medical skilled.

His physique was positioned onto land in marina shoreline every week afterward.

The enterprise was considerate ample to supply a activity to his different half Lakshmi.

After 2 years she obtained wed to an affiliate and in addition inside a yr, she had an toddler younger boy.

The toddler was known as KUMAR, in reminiscence of the pauper whose needs have been ruined by giant rotten luck, this second.

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