Celtic Sea Salt vs. Himalayan Pink Salt: Differences & Similarities

Himalayan Pink Salt and Celtic Sea Salt have many similarities and differences. This article takes an in depth look at the these two salts and how they compare and contrast in the following areas: geography, harvesting methods and mineral content.

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Have you heard about these two types of salts?

Himalayan Pink Salt and Celtic Sea Salt have become popular in kitchens around the world. This article will cover the following similarities and differences of these salts:

  • Geography
  • Harvesting Methods
  • Mineral Content

Himalayan Pink Salt Mining

Despite its name, Himalayan pink salt is actually not mined from the Himalayas. It’s mined from the Salt Range just south of the Himalayans. The salt is sourced from an ancient seabed in northern Pakistan that dried up hundreds of millions of years ago. The only authentic producer of Himalayan pink salt-the Khewra Mine. This mine is the second largest salt mine in the entire world and spans 25 miles deep into the earth.

Mining Process:

  • A new shaft using a hand auger
  • It is blown open with gunpowder
  • The giant salt rock blocks are extracted and hauled out using a rail system
  • Then off to processing and eventually ending up in your kitchen!

Salt 84 Himalayan Pink Salt-Fine Grain

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Celtic Sea Salt Mining

Celtic sea salt, specifically the gray Celtic sea salt, gets its name from a harvesting method invented by the Celts who settled in this region of France many centuries ago. As the tide comes in, the sea water is harvested with wooden tools in the tradition of the Celtic method.

Celtic Sea Salt-Finley Ground-Reusable Bag

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Both Himalayan Pink Salt and Celtic Sea Salt have the following in common :

  • Extraction is done without chemicals
  • Have a very extensive mineral and elemental profile
  • No bleaching or boiling during processing
  • Purest salts available
  • Micro plastic free
  • No anti-caking agents added
  • No synthetic iodine added


Himalayan Pink Salt and Celtic Sea Salt differ in the following ways:

Mineral Profile Comparison

Complete Spectral Mineral Analysis Links:

Himalayan Pink Salt Complete Specs

Celtic Sea Salt Mineral Specs-1

Celtic Sea Salt Mineral Specs-2

CELTIC SEA SALT vs HIMALAYAN PINK SALT Minerals Comparison + More Differences

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