Cherished God! My Lord – Allow’s Absolutely Surrender to God

Life is packed with obstacles. Daily of life brings with it, brand-new obstacles, challenges, troubles, stress and anxieties as well as fears. All are having a hard time in their actual own approach as they walk their actual own course of life. At celebrations, it merely becomes really hard as well as agonizing to birth. When the ideas is swallowed up with pains, we browse magnificent aid. We recognize that it’s just God, that can provide us a technique as well as safeguard us from every one of the pains of the Globe.

Each time I actually feel disrupted as well as troubled from within, I remember a track which we utilized to sing throughout our university conference petitions. As an infant, I utilized to such as vocal singing this track to myself in my ideas generally. It’s however really near my coronary heart as well as when frustration strikes me, I hope to God to preserve his MIGHTY HAND on my head. I closed my eyes as well as conjure up magnificent visibility in my ideas making it tranquil as well as peaceable. The Divine hand of God stands for the love, treatment as well as true blessings of God. He showers his genuine love as well as presents us with the awareness of his visibility in all locations as well as inside each spirit. Almighty God is useful as well as vital.

I do not understand the writer or author of this track. Nevertheless whoever has actually created the verses of this track, I praise that worthy spirit. The sentences are expression of a troubled spirit. I declare everyone can associate with the verses of the track. At celebrations, the road or trip of life appears to be as well prolonged, slim as well as tired. Nevertheless the really thought about God, provides peace to the ideas. Every one of the problems are introduced with the look of God within the ideas.

The Globe has lots of individuals that harm us, cheat us, trick us as well as betray us as well as occasionally influence us in their actual own hard as well as dishonest techniques. Such experiences damage us from within. Our self-confidence on our individual self generally will obtain smashed as well as we obtain frightened of people round us. It remains in such problems we desire the guiding of God. We hope to God to details us out of the affect as well as hold of such bad company.

The traces of this track have actually struggled as drug for my injured spirit. The track definitely has wonderful get in touch with as well as magnificent true blessings. The track verses are as complies with:

“The road of life grows weary, sometimes so hard to bear.

But then I think of Calvary, I leave my burdens there.

Satan tempts me day by day, as I walk this narrow way.

Precious Lord! Keep your mighty Hand on me.

As I start to meet the foe, in this world of grief and woe.

Precious Lord! Keep your mighty Hand on me.

Lord I give my life to you, use me as you wish to do.

Precious Lord! Keep your mighty Hand on me.

As I face the storms of life, in this world of toil and strife.

Precious Lord! Keep your mighty Hand on me”.

On these bend knees I hope,

Help me Lord, to not wander off.

Cherished Lord protect your magnificent Hand on me.”

On this labor as well as challenge of life, the one approach out is to flex down in entry of our Lord as well as quit ourselves totally at his toes.

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