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Some great personality truely once said that “A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, similarly A man cannot live without love”.Our spouse and ancestors used to repeat a very old phrase “Health is Wealth” which young generation tends to put off very easily.

A very skilled person in penning down thoughts even on the most intricate topics.A writer really requires time , dedication and inspiration.

Now you might have a doubt which is roaming in your head why I mentioned Health, Nutrition ,Healthy Eating and Healthy Cooking as complimentary elements?

I would like to clear this numb confusion which is restricting you to think outside the box with the help of very simple and basic example. Human Body is made up of 5 elements:

1. Air

2. Water




The above mentioned 5 elements are essential and plays a vital role in the establishment of human soul which works like machine.If any of the above element is missing it disrupts the entire process , mechanism and function.

similarly on the other hand if we take health, nutrition ,healthy eating and cooking they are complimentary to each other as well and should go hand in hand to maintain the flow of energy and to create synergy if the strength is lost.

For the recreation of synergy Food remains the only major element for the power production in the body.

Healthy Eating Habits and Nutritious Diet

Parents play a major role in determining and inculcating healthy eating habits in kids , teenagers.Though teens consider less interference in their way of making decisions but it is a tender age and a child get influenced by those stuffs that can have a drastic impact on their health as well as on their life too.Consumption of alcohol & smoking cigar is a common rage in youngters nowadays but dragging them to the right path is an initiative.

I would like to begin on a very fresh note that ‘Health’ and ‘Nutrition’ are not something that you are hearing right now and would be very much familiar with both these terms.Different people have different opinions and their own point of view which might create a slight variation in the meaning of both these terms.For example a person let’s say A would define health is solely dependent upon what you eat on your daily basis and nutrition is the physical process of intake of food(Power house) which is responsible for the production of energy in human body for performing certain actions and for smooth and effective functioning.

Health – It is a state of condition in a person is free from every disease be it acute disease (short term disease like mild cold , cough,hay fever) and chronic disease (long term disease like HIV , AIDS , Cancer, Heart failure).

Ample amount of production of antibodies and antigens to fight against disease, virus, bacteria and germs (foes and not friendly bacteria).

Nutrition- The process of intake of proper amount of well balanced and nutritious diet rich in all nutrients. There are two types of nutrients:

1. Macro Nutrients – Also known as major nutrients and is required by body in large amounts.For example – Fats , Proteins, Carbohydrates

2. Micro Nutrients – Also known as minor nutrients and is required by body in less amount in comparison to macro nutrients. For example – Vitamins and Minerals.

5 Major nutrients that are essential for proper functioning and mechanism are as follows:






*Carbohydrates , fats and proteins are the major energy producing tools or Power house of human cell body for proper functioning and mechanism.

*While on the other hand vitamins and minerals are as important as the above three mentioned nutrients but cannot be replaced by the major or macro nutrients.

*In order to maintain a good flow of energy in our body all 5 major nutrients are essential to sustain the life for long period of time.

Point to remember – Roughage and Fiber are also an important part of well nutritional diet and is important for stool softener.It includes raw fruits and veggies (Roughage) Jowar, bajra , millets , Ragi and lentils.

Research Studies :

Water is important for removal and excretion of waste products.It also regulated the body temperature and essential for all the chemical reactions taking place in our body.

UNICEF says that water is not included in macro nutrients but USDA (United States Dietary Association) includes it as a part of macro nutrients.Macro nutrients are consumed in large amount .Water must be taken in large quantity.Therefore it can be considered a part of macro nutrients.

A research study indicates that individuals who consumed Vitamin E supplement had a higher risk of prostate cancer than individuals who did not consume vitamin E .similarly calcium supplement too has been found to put individuals at a greater risk of heart attacks.

DO’s and Dont’s for healthy cooking

Healthy Eating

Eating healthy and cooking healthy is really a blessing and should be implemented in our daily life to prevent our lifestyle from getting ruined.Healthy eating is essential to maintain healthy body weight or BMI (Body Mass Index) which is a very basic or standard method to check whether a person has a healthy body weight or he/she falls under the category of underweight, over weight or is poorly nourished .

Few things to keep in mind to maintain healthy body weight are as follows:

1.Setting specific goals

2.More emphasis on health and not weight

3.Active lifestyle

4.Indulgence of exercise and yogic postures

5.Say no to Fatty Foods

6.Avoid over eating

7. Don’t Skip meals

8.Proportional intake and expenditure of calories

A.Setting specific goals – A person whether an athlete or a non athlete should set some specific goals that how much calories he/she is going to intake and how much calories he/she is going to burn out. Excessive intake of solid food and less intake of fluids can create dis-balance in the health of an individual.

*Fluids are necessary for the shock absorption that take place in body every time to minimize the adverse effect over the physical appearance of a person.

2. More emphasis on health and not on weight – A person should give more emphasis over health and not on his or her weight. A person should not think that if he or she is consuming 2300 calories per day that will make him obese. Every person have a very different body structure so does the calorie requirement differs.

Lifestyle disease can be prevented by keep a regular check over health and weight . BMI estimates whether the person’s health is on healthy track or not.

3. Active lifestyle – Long hours sitting and rumbling at sofa or furniture can really have vast impact over health specially the school going children’s , young kids and specially teens who prefers to stay inside and relish all the delicacies.

It is highly advisable for youngsters to step out , getting involved in physical activities to boost their body and mind. Physical activity is necessary to create social interactions with others to imbibe qualities like friendly behavior towards others , brotherhood and unity.

4.Indulgence of exercise and yogic postures – In order to remain healthy and to minimize lifestyle disease like heart disease , pulmonary disease , obesity one should do exercise at least 4 days in a week. Yogic postures are helpful in strengthening our muscles , body gets relaxed , relieves stress and tension and bones and joints become much more flexible.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Manisha Shishodia

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