Deus Ex Machina – Consciousness, The God In The Machine

What’s Deus Ex Machina?

The distinctive which suggests of Deus Ex Machina is the god throughout the machine, or god from the machine. It refers again to the machine, or crane, that was used to lower an actor depicting a god onto the stage in a Greek drama.

Recurrently the god would appear instantly and provide a choice to the dramatic crises that had been the subject of the play, although not always…

Deus Ex Machina as Divine Intervention

Over the time, deus ex machina bought right here to indicate “unexpected salvation”, that will very effectively be due to divine intervention or on the very least a solution that appears out of nowhere to resolve a problem.

On this text we’re redefining deus ex machina, the god in our machine, as consciousness.

This content material materials of this textual content is written from non-public experience and to that extent I am licensed to say what I say, nonetheless I am not educated in science or arithmetic nor am I fluent in metaphysical discourse.

The one actual goal of this textual content is firstly to provide a non-public, experience-based perspective on consciousness and secondly, to provide some potential strategies of exploring, dwelling with and creating your connection and relationship with consciousness.

Discovering Consciousness by the use of Enquiry or Experience?

What are most likely essentially the most relevant devices for understanding consciousness?

1. Thought primarily based understanding about consciousness

Data based mostly totally on enquiry about consciousness – using motive and logic, scientific methodology i.e. strategies of shopping for data that use comment, experimentation, and replication to clarify and make clear pure phenomena.

2. Experience primarily based understanding about consciousness

Data based mostly totally on experience of consciousness – using noetic understanding from the Greek noÄ“sis/ noÄ“tikos, which suggests inside information, direct understanding, intuition, or implicit understanding…

“… states of insight into depths of truth unplumbed by the discursive intellect. They are illuminations, revelations, full of significance and importance, all inarticulate though they remain; and as a rule they carry with them a curious sense of authority… ” [William James, philosopher]


The usual scientific and metaphysical methodology to understanding consciousness is by the use of Methodology One, it is thought primarily based and makes use of thoughts, rationality and logic and lots of others.

Nonetheless, what if consciousness can’t be completely recognized or understood using the universities involved in scientific methodology?

Thought experiment:

Take into consideration whenever you had been invited to attend a reside efficiency by a world well-known performing artist in a method you are unfamiliar with – let’s counsel a effectivity of the ballet “Swan Lake” by the (Russian) Royal Bolshoi Ballet agency acting on the Royal Opera Residence, in Covent Yard, London.

For the wants of this experiment you are deprived of all your senses in addition to contact. You could hear nothing, see nothing, odor nothing – all you’ve got bought is the sense of contact.

I meet you after the event and ask you to clarify the experience…

What are you going to tell me..?

Take into consideration the following:

# Conscious contemplating is restricted.

Human intelligence has crucial limitations

# Our educated obsession with phrases ensures we confuse being educated about with having experience of.

We confuse the world as-it-is with the world as-it-is-thought-about and described.

We’re like a person consuming the menu in its place of the meal.

# The double bind of language and articulation.

For each factor we purchase by being able to verbalize and articulate a direct experience, we lose an equal if not larger amount of the overall which suggests of which have by the very strategy of articulation.

This misplaced which suggests turns into exacerbated as a result of the phrases we use to clarify one factor are always heard or be taught inside a context, a framing, a notion and a language.

# The misguided view that thought can encapsulate actuality or actuality.

Dogmas – religious, political and scientific, all beliefs – come up out of the misguided notion that thought alone can encapsulate actuality or the fact.

# If we shift our focus to the which signifies that lies behind or previous the phrases:

The which signifies that transcends the phrases.

The which signifies that might solely be completely grasped by experiencing it… then each factor modifications and divisions and limitations evaporate as we switch previous notion.

What if Methodology Two is the one methodology we’ll entry data of consciousness? What if we’ll can solely know consciousness by experiencing it?

Closing observations on discovering consciousness:

# Science and Experience often aren’t mutually distinctive.

# Rationality and scientific methodology – will likely be utilized to the experience of consciousness.

# Is there a Methodology Three – a way of blending every methods in a sequence that is most relevant to the state of affairs being researched?

Within the equivalent methodology that the social sciences use qualitative evaluation methods along with the “hard science” quantitative methods, can there be a modality of study into consciousness using noetic insights based mostly totally on experience?

Thus a “multi-modality” methodology might very effectively be utilized to evaluation into consciousness on this sequence:

  • Noetic insights based mostly totally on experience of consciousness.
  • Qualitative evaluation into these insights and experiences.
  • Quantitative evaluation into sides of the qualitative findings, the place this system will likely be utilized.

Taking this one stage extra, does this “multi-modality” methodology to consciousness present us, as non-specialist lay-people, a smart and balanced methodology to rising our experience and understanding of consciousness?

Establishing Relationship With Consciousness

As a way forward, I recommend the following suggestions:

  • You accept that the true nature of consciousness is unprovable every by the use of aim actuality “out there” and subjective actuality “inside you”.
  • Accept that we’ll not at all categorically get a definitive cope with on the fact about consciousness and actuality – so when you’ll be able to accept this, then methodology this in an experimental mind-set.
  • Undertake the middle path and try to maintain a balanced methodology between rationality and spirituality in understanding and attention-grabbing with consciousness.
  • By middle path, I indicate not being drawn into extreme positions on the reductionist/laborious science views on the one facet and the “woo woo”/”new age”/ magical contemplating views on the other facet.
  • Put in your beliefs calmly, view them as guides and broad phrases of reference to be revised and upgraded when your life experience signifies that that’s required, pretty than regarding your beliefs as immutable certainties that it is a should to defend the least bit costs.
  • Switch forward in a spirit of enquiry, journey and finding out, taking note of your experiences with consciousness and by no means dashing to judgements and early conclusions.
  • Share and discuss your experiences with others, ask questions, hear and examine, and improve this course of to include finding out as broadly as chances are you’ll about totally different people’s experiences from the earlier along with the present.
  • Be aware of people’s experiences in traditions and notion strategies which might be utterly totally different or alien to yours. For example, it is potential you will not contemplate in God, it is potential you will not pray, nonetheless be aware of the astonishing life tales of people all through the Christian notion system who’ve walked very shut with consciousness and who’ve seen and achieved excellent points. The equivalent equally applies to totally different notion strategies.
  • Be aware of the experience of people from no express notion customized who may wrestle to articulate their experiences because of they do not have the language, fashions of understanding and the framing to have the flexibility to particular themselves clearly.
  • Undertake an experimental methodology and try and observe clearly your experiences with consciousness.

How do you work together with consciousness?

Firstly you have to want to.

How do you get started?

By way of the center not the highest.

The gateway to partaking with consciousness won’t be through the acutely conscious ideas, it does not include your ego. All of it begins with some kind of inside prompting. That’s felt in your coronary coronary heart not your head.

Personally I’ve found that the widespread observe of meditation and a steady observe of mindfulness has created the world to allow this to happen. For some people there could also be sudden and excellent flash of notion equal to that expert and shared by Dr Edgar Wallace the astronaut and founding father of the Institute of Noetic Science.

For others of us this is usually a further gradual and creating consciousness.

I’ve written in some component about my non-public entry stage to all this, after I really started to take consciousness critically in: Deus Ex Machina

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