Emotional Development of Children is Very Important!

Emotional Development of Children

An important point in preschool age is the development of the child’s emotionality. While young children express their emotional state, they enjoy learning something unusual and surprising their parents every day. Starting from the first days of their lives, children receive certain emotions from their parents and environment. The first smile, the first laugh and the cheerful eyes of the loved ones determine the future healthy development of their crumbs. Positive emotions help improve memory, speech, and movements. In response, parents receive a scream or smile from their beloved baby so that the child communicates with the adult world. The manifestation of positive emotions is very important for the future standard development of the baby. A balanced diet, daily routine and good hygiene – will not be enough for the timely development of providing good physical conditions. Here it is important to support the child in a positive constant mood during wakefulness. You can not only play and communicate, you should not forget about comfortable gaming conditions – a lot of space, age toys, games by age. Parents can realize how their child’s development contributes to the acquisition of new features in the mental and psychological and emotional fields every day. There is a change in the interaction with people around, the baby more consciously shows her emotional state, sometimes even trying to control them. But here we should not forget that the development of an emotional state is directly related to parents. Indeed, recently, communication with parents and peers has turned into a TV and a computer. Most parents do not think that communicating an emotional life with a child has the opportunity to enrich the emotional area and have a strong influence on the future development of their baby. If parents are too busy or do not have time to communicate with the child, they should not expect manifestations of sensitivity and attention to others.


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