Every little thing you require to find out about propolis

Every little thing you require to find out about propolis

Propolis, or uza, is an adhesive that create intoxicated of enzymes. Also in outdated occasions, people discovered the precious houses of propolis and in addition utilized them in natural treatments. The full construction of this compound has really not but been researched, but its favorable outcomes stay to be checked out.

What does propolis appear as if?

In look, propolis resembles plasticine. The coloration sample is basically different: from brown to eco-friendly. Throughout space for storing, propolis has the power to quickly set, and afterwards, with a gentle rise in temperature degree, it as soon as once more comes to be plastic.

accumulate the primary compound for growing propolis from the buds of bushes: alder, birch, poplar. At the exact same time, the choice of the compound is a little bitter, and in addition the scent is woody, counting on the bushes the place the product was gathered.


In appearance, propolis is similar to plasticine.

Propolis assists to repair a variety of points:

  1. Shields spawn and in addition the hive from drafts.
  2. Does sanitation all through the egg-laying length.
  3. Protects the wall surfaces of the hive.
  4. Shields from full strangers.

Interest! Uza is likewise an antiviral and in addition mummifying consultant.

Make-up and in addition houses of propolis

The chemical construction of adhesive is basically ample, which influences the elemental houses of propolis. He has:

  • resinous components;
  • mineral components;
  • flavones;
  • oils;
  • aromatic supplies;
  • wax;
  • tannins;
  • anti-biotics;
  • alcohols.

Interest! In general, the compound has larger than 2 hundred substances. It liquifies inadequately in water, nicely – in oil or alcohol.


The major excessive qualities of the compound

The main qualities of the substance

The favorable results of propolis on the physique outcomes from its ample construction. It has a substantial amount of medical houses:

  • sanitizes, having a dangerous outcome on a number of infections and in addition germs;
  • reinforces the physique immune system and in addition has a good outcome on complete well being and wellness;
  • battles swelling;
  • nurtures the physique with nutritional vitamins and in addition amino acids;
  • maximizes blood circulate and in addition reinforces capillary;
  • stabilizes metabolic fee.

Additionally, the compound has a restoring outcome on a number of cells of the physique. Cleans up the physique, eases vasospasm, damages most cancers cells. It is utilized for the checklist under situations:

  • Chronical respiratory illness;
  • bronchial bronchial asthma;
  • neuralgia;
  • viral infections;
  • kidney points;
  • cholelithiasis;
  • gynecological pathologies;
  • BPH.

Interest! Uza assists with colds, eases migraines and in addition toothaches.

Damage and in addition contraindications

Also one of the helpful commonplace remedy dishes have contraindications. If a person doesn’t endure honey and in addition plant pollen, after that he should not be handled with adhesive. The physique’s response will be unsure. An allergy materializes itself in the kind of breakouts, itching, dripping nostril, edema, and in addition excessive temperature.

Interest! When making use of propolis for alcohol, it’s important that the person doesn’t have liver points.

Application insurance policies

Application rules


Conformity with the dose is the important to excessive efficiency and in addition security and safety of propolis. This is particularly actual of alcohol solid, which is often utilized in natural treatments.

You require to start remedy with a solid with one lower a day. After 1 month, the dose have to be lowered. It is crucial to weaken it in fluid.

For exterior utilization, it’s wanted to dampen a cotton pad with solid and in addition take care of the difficulty location. Propolis is likewise utilized as a lotion for massaging an aching place. To eat, take a tiny merchandise and in addition eat regularly. Eat momentarily to start with, after that stretch the durations.

Interest! To make sure that the uza doesn’t shed its restoration houses, it’s important to put it aside in a totally dry and in addition darkish space. The very best space for storing space is a darkish glass container, which is firmly shut and in addition doesn’t allow worldwide smells to undergo.

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