Henry Polic II (1945-2013)

Henry Polic II (1945-2013)

Henry Polic II (the twentieth February 1945 – eleventh August 2013) was an American screen, phase, along with voice star, as well as was best recognized on Webster as Jerry Silver.

Within the Eighties, Henry Polic II was gradually viewed as a popular site visitor individual on several sporting activity displays. His most typical site visitor ports have actually gotten on the a variety of indications of Pyramids, as he included lots of circumstances on the Pyramid of the $25,000 as well as the Penis Clark along with the John Davidson-hosted variants of the Pyramid of the $100,000 for manufacturer Bob Stewart. Henry Polic in addition did various various job, along with internet holding the 1986 sporting activity existing Dual Discuss, the 1988 pilot rebirth eye Q, as well as obligation sharing notices with Dean Goss as well as Johnny Gilbert on the $100,000 Pyramid. Polic’s specializeds consisted of local as well as abroad accents, baritone vocal singing as well as ballroom dance.

From the beginning of the Nineteen Nineties as long as his death, Henry Polic was possibly best recognized in Batman as the main accented British voice of the Scarecrow: The Computer Animated Series. At first he had a deep, upset voice tone, nevertheless lastly made his voice higher to swimsuit the setting. Whereas operating at Florida’s State University Henry Polic site visitor gazed within the Theater’s Production University in a Xmas Carol production, where in 1996 he functioned as Penny pincher. Along with Henry Polic’s sporting activity existing he in addition organized Dual Go over from 1986 to 1987.

Seasoned star Henry Polic II, acted due to the fact that the Nottingham Constable within the Mel Brooks series, as well as on top of that when Concerns Had actually been Rotten along with Jerry Silver in Webster, passed away at 68 years, after a drawn-out illness with the majority of cancers cells.

Henry Polic was a well-known game-show individual, that consists of gradually on the Pyramid of $25,000 as well as its ultimate symptom, the Pyramid of $100,000, of which Polic together with Penis Clark organized. Additionally, Henry was a game-show host as effectively, as well as on top of that functioning the 1986 ABC’s Dual Discuss. Other than being a popular sporting activity existing host, Henry Polic functioned as Dracula briefly in NBCs Seventies series Beast Team as well as included as a site visitor in several displays, along with Mork & Mindy, Alice, 8 Suffices, Sheena, Murder, She Composed, along with Conserved by the Bell. Along with Polic’s work with Batman, he offered his voice to the Smurfs series as well as various various series such due to the fact that the Dukes as well as twelve o’clock at night patrol along with the delighted days gang.

On Webster, Henry Polic functioned as Jerry Silver, a confidant along with the assistant to Katherine (Susan Clark), which had 54 episodes of all the series, as well as ranged from 1983-1989 on ABC along with in distribute.

Birthed in 1945 in Pittsburgh, Henry Polic mosted likely to Florida State University as well as obtained his grip’s diploma in showing up. After beginning, he was employed as well as posted at Kansas Ft Riley, as well as later on related to the Outdoor tents Theater of Missouri, as well as Miami’s Individual’s Theater, to state nevertheless a number of. The very early Seventies observed Henry Polic transfer to Los Angeles the location he made his launching in TELEVISION due to the fact that the Nottingham Constable in 1975 as well as on top of that within the When Concerns Had actually been Rotten funny, which included Richard Gautier as Altruistic.

Henry Polic in addition had film credit history that included, the 1978 Joan Rivers, the 1977 Beloved Geste Final Remake, the 1980 Oh, God! Electronic book II, after that the 2000 Convey Him Residence as well as last but not least the 2001 All You Desire. Henry Polic showed up in over 70 indigenous as well as local manufacturings, along with the around the world best of Sibling Act music Broadway hit, where he launched the Monsignor Howard setting. Various staged credit history where Polic in addition starred have actually been 1776 production of Civic Gentle Lengthy Seaside, West’s Never Gonna Dancing Songs Theater, Positioning It Jointly, Is This Your Life, as well as the around the world production best of A Number of Individuals on the Movie. Henry Polic’s phase routing credit history personify Fools for the Casts Cooperative in Hollywood along with the Ventura Rubicon Theater; Jim Geoghan’s opening night of 2 Gents of Corona; Nebraska’s globe producing best production; each the New york city along with Los Angeles Salt water Region Wedding manufacturings; as well as a record damaging area work environment Dracula production.

Polic was an event host as well as celeb salesclerk, that over the year assisted enhance over $2 million for charities such due to the fact that the Basis Worry for Many cancers cells Evaluation, Adam Walsh Basis, the Diabetes Mellitus Association of American as well as the Basis for Leukemia. Polic educated a showing up course for the digicam at Los Angeles Emerson Professors Center as well as he in addition educated a showing up program in carrying out on the Academy of American Remarkable Arts. Henry Polic was in addition participant of The Fund Casts from 1973 as well as a company’s participant of the western council, which recognized him with the emeritus standing. Along with, a scholarship memorial fund was based in Henry Polic’s title throughout the State of Florida which provides funds in offering to create yearly brand-new help the Professors of Theater.

Henry Polic II is a normal face among target markets from his various movie, television along with phase functions, as well as can be for his well-known job as a theater supervisor. Henry Polic was passionate concerning his job within the theater as well as a few of his showing up credit history consisted of typical series functions within the Webster funnies along with the conventional TELEVISION series. Along with, he has actually had lots of site visitor celebrity functions such due to the fact that the episodes of Sheena, She Snoops, Cosby, info radio, as well as Profiler. Other than showing up credit history Henry Polic has film credit history also, which personify All you desire, Beloved Geste Final Remake, the course of the previous, Share Him Residence, Oh God, Electronic Book II, Drum, as well as Bunny inspect a funny by Joan River.

Underneath is an extensive list of Henry Polic’s the majority of popular jobs:

•CREDIT SCORES – Phase Looks

  • Area Solution, 1987
  • A Xmas Carol Tightwad, Theater University, Florida State University, 1996
  • Polic in addition included in The Last Pad; Kids within the Band, Boysin the Band; a Broadway production; the doubtful; Male of La Mancha; Chum Joey as well as 1776, Is This Your Life? Civic Mild opera Lengthy Seaside; Tamarind Theater.

•CREDIT SCORES – Phase Directing

  • Wedding of Salt water Country, 1996

•Film Appearances

  • Captain, Beloved Geste Final Remake, 1977
  • Scavenger Search, Bare police officer, 1979
  • (Himself) Oh, God! Psychoanalyst 5, Electronic Book II, 1980
  • Tarlow Stephen, Dual Inconvenience, 1992
  • James/MacBeth, Scott’s Play, 1999
  • Convey Him Residence, 2000
  • All You Desired Mr. Etheridge, 2001
  • Valette, 2002
  • Switch the King, Would Certainly I Trick You?, 2002

•Television Appearances – Series

  • (TELEVISION launching) Nottingham Constable, as well as When Concerns Had Actually been Rotten, 1975
  • Usual, Summertime period as well as Autumn Bert Existing, 1976
  • Yo Yogi, 1991
  • The Beast Team, Depend Dracula, 1976-1977
  • Jerry Silver, Webster, 1983-1987
  • Burning, 2004
  • Morton as well as Hayes, 1991
  • Voice of, The All-New Scooby along with Scrappy-Doo Existing, 1983, (computer animated).
  • Go over existing Host, Dual Discuss/Movie celebrity Dual Discuss, 1986
  • The young people existing for Tom as well as Jerry 1990
  • Below commentator, The Pyramid of $100,000, syndicated, 1992
  • Potsworth as well as Company, 1990
  • Hollywood Turmoil, 1989
  • Significant password, 1994
  • Body Language, 1984
  • Alice, 1977


  • Mark Steiner, Scruples, 1981


  • I Yabba-Dabba Do, voice, 1993 (computer animation)
  • Doc Thompson, Pet World, the Obsolete Drum course, 2000


  • Hell’s Angels, 1976
  • McNamara’s Band, Schnell, 1977


  • Making It Through the Seventies as well as Probably Come Across Joy, 1978
  • Voices of the Wolf Principal as well as Tracker, Xmas Specific of The Smurfs (computer animated), 1986
  • The Yellow Bow Obtain with each other of Bob Hope, 1991


  • Male, The Bionic Girl, 1976
  • The Failing, Walter, 1977
  • The Gem Thief/I Required to Marry, Marty, 1978
  • “War between the Bradford’s,” 8 Suffices, 1978
  • Dr. Phillips, 1979
  • Hooray for Bulgaria,1979
  • Donald, The Astonishing Hunk, 1980
  • Pierre, “The Caller/ Convenience Marriage/No Girls/Prosecution Witness,” The Watercraft of Love, 1980
  • Redding Jay, ” Airline Bag of Maltese,” 8 Suffices, 1980
  • “Guinness on Tap,” 1981
  • Bors, “The Perfect Volcano/Husband,” 1981
  • Frederick, “The very rare of Wines,” 1982
  • Francois, Burglars of Majesty, Lacey as well as Cagney, 1982
  • Randy Turner, “We Acquired Know When to Preserve them, 1983
  • My Fashion, Ivo, E.R, 1984
  • Weapon Shy, 1983
  • E.R, Dr. Raja, 1984
  • Stern Roy, Hotel, Illusions,1985
  • Site Visitor, The Pyramid of $100,000, 1985
  • Dupree Alan, “the Home Fires keep Burning,” Murder, She Composed, 1986
  • Diocesan Arthur, “The Old Grand Lady,” Murder, She Composed, 1989
  • “Something New, Something Old,” Brothers, syndicated, 1989
  • Metropolitan area mayor’s voice, “For Who the Bells Klang: 2,” (computer animation), Tale Spin syndicated, 1990
  • Vincent Val, “Hair Today, and Gone Tomorrow,” They have actually been from out of Residence, 1991
  • “Daffy Dicks,” Maitre’d, Hayes as well as Morton, 1991
  • Darkroom, 1982
  • The Scarecrow/Jonathan Crane’s voice, Concern Absolutely nothing, Batman (computer animation; in addition described as Experiences of Batman as well as Robin along with Batman: The Series Computer Animation), 1992
  • The Scarecrow/ Jonathan Crane’s voice, Triumph concern, Batman (computer animation; in addition described as Experiences of Batman as well as Robin along with Batman: The series computer animation), 1992
  • The Scarecrow/ Jonathan Crane’s voice, Wishes throughout the Darkness, Batman (computer animation; in addition described as Experiences of Batman & Robin along with Batman: The series computer animation), 1992
  • Mr. Bainbridge Conserved by the Bell, “Snow White and the Seven Dorks,”1992
  • The Scarecrow/ Jonathan Crane’s voice in, the trip of Harley, Batman (computer animation; in addition described as Experiences of Batman & Robin along with Batman: The series computer animation), 1994
  • Investigator university, 1979
  • The Scarecrow/ Jonathan Crane’s voice in, the Lock-Up, Batman(computer animation; in addition described as The Experiences of Batman & Robin along with Batman: The series computer animation), 1994
  • Verne Jules, Eighty Arms Throughout the Globe, Mighty Max, 1994
  • Richard, The Catastrophe of 3 Carat Weight, Profiler, 1999
  • Dream Island, 1978 – 1981
  • Sheena, Wild Element, distribute, 2000
  • Bunny check, 1978
  • Superman, 1988
  • The weird brand-new pair, 1982
  • Osborne Michael, She Snoops, Gone Dangerous, distribute, 2003
  • Henry Polic included as initial guy, voice; Golden Royal residence, Don Prairie Wolf as well as Sancho Panda journeys(computer animation), distribute; Yo! Yogi voice; (computer animation); and also as voice of, SuperTed (computer animation).

•Television Job

  • Extra voices, Scooby along with Scrappy-Doo (computer animated), ABC, 1979
  • Bonus voices, The Smurfs (computer animation; additionally called journeys of Smurf), 1981


In abstract, Henry Polic II, a television personality for close to forty years, passed away at 68 years. The star began his career in 1975 with ABC, on which he acted due to the fact that the Nottingham Constable. He later on took place as well as functioned as Dracula briefly within the Seventies series the Beast Team as well as later guest-starred in a lots of displays, comparable to Mork as well as Mindy, Conserved by the Bell, Alice, 8 Suffices, Sheena, as well as Murder, She Composed.

Executing in various sustaining functions, Henry Polic continued to be a popular face of TELEVISION for American generations from the 1970’s by to his death. Along with, he took place to carry out conventional standing for young people along with grownups alike throughout his period as the main voice of Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow on Batman: The computer animation series.

When it obtained below to viewpoints, people’s viewpoints have actually been extremely similar because when it obtained below to doing voice overs Henry Polic II was unique as well as was generally thought-about an overall great star. Along with all these extraordinary qualifications, Henry Polic was a well-known candidate of the sporting activity existing, having actually shown up on the Pyramid of $25 000 as well as a later versions. Throughout his career, Henry Polic never limited himself to at the very least one specific or certain public account, as well as no matter that his functions have actually been generally surrendered to sustaining functions, he seldom showed up in similar selections of courses inside TELEVISION as well as movies above a lots circumstances.

Sadly, the star’s life along with career have actually been quick lived as a repercussion of illness. It was most cancers cells that finished Henry Polic’s. Henry Polic passed away at 68 years in Sherman Oaks, The Golden State, as well as was made it through by his sis, a nephew as well as 2 nieces.

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