History and the Cathars (Courtly Love):

Historic previous and the Cathars (Courtly Love):

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CRUSADES, CATHARS AND ‘COURTLY LOVE’: – One in every of many greatest legacies of the revitalization of the teachings of ‘brotherhood’ throughout the thirteenth century of the Troubadors was sexual and gender respect. The Cathar ‘dove’ and Peace weren’t destined to remaining, nonetheless the education of people could not be squelched. It might be argued that the world was a larger place then: the Americas had been nonetheless part of the ‘Brotherhood’ although the Mediterranean warlike cultures of misogynistic deviate males had a strong foothold. Many people there have been ready to see a definite plan of motion primarily based further on nurturing female sides of our psyche. The Templars actually fought to protect the Cathars they normally shortly thereafter wanted to reconfigure as a result of the Knights of Christ in Portugal. Spherical that time certainly one of many ‘waves of Asians’ obtained right here out of the steppes and launched the Pax Tartaris. These waves have gotten as uncovered as a result of the ‘Sea Peoples/Hyksos’ concept and some restricted Trojan Battle. Temujin or Genghis Khan was not as barbarian as a result of the Europeans and Tarim’s present footage of ‘red-heads’ near the Good Wall in 1800 BC had been in his Altaic space over a millennium sooner than that. The historic previous of the cultural evolution of man was benefited by the announcement of the modern man who’s simply not our genetic blood and is method older (2x or further, If not an incredible deal further to tie in with the Flores Island seafarers of 800,000+ years the place the Hobbit is now found.). Definitely the archaeological and genetic forensic along with forensic devices, along with linguistics blow the roof off the earlier ‘his’-story!

Nevertheless the Cathars didn’t re-institute the ‘Brotherhood’ and residing love that Jesus really taught. Temujin obtained right here a lot nearer to creating an ethical and guarded place throughout the largest Empire of the ‘his’-torians. His progeny threw our our bodies contaminated with the Plague over the partitions of Christian held shopping for and promoting services on the Black Sea and the scourge turned an important part of the oppression the Catholic Crusades had been Inquisiting upon all people of Europe. The Treaty of Tordesillas later launched it to America to wipe out over 70 million inside 100 years: who’s the barbarian? The well-known authors and scientists of the Catholics like William of Rubruck detailed the quarantining methods and marmot origins of this ‘Black Demise’ even sooner than that. The truth is the Catholic leaders knew how this is ready to assist of their feudal administration and the ‘sins and demons’ ignorance which lastly realized the ‘Darkish Ages’ function of reducing the knowledge of the tons to the aim of full slaves to their foul motives. The 70 million who had lived in North America sooner than De Soto and Columbus (alongside together with his unusual stopping canine) had kids who died all through that hundred years too: so all the who died from natural warfare throughout the North American continent merely exceeds the 80 million who died in Europe. At this juncture the Flagellants had been blaming the Jews for inflicting the ‘Plague’. That is true to some extent because of the Jews constructed a religion that the Romans took over and the Saxons and plenty of Roman equestrian farmers (De Medicis) are Jews..


* 3,500 BC – Unification of Egypt and establishment of an distinctive Amazon shopping for and promoting area by aristocratic elite and priest/warriors with a army of troopers given quite a few grades of weapons in metallic to protect and defend their belongings or shopping for and promoting empires.

– The ‘Brotherhood’ is co-opted from inside nonetheless the people are promised good points and matrilineal royalty turns into the norm.

– Comparable ‘elites’ do the an identical in China, and maybe even an overlord reporting to the Egyptian primarily based enterprise of Memphis or Crete.

– A plethora of secrets and techniques and methods exist in commerce routes, maps, use of explosives for outcomes of a religious nature, ‘Misplaced Chord’ and utilized sciences of setting up. The ‘Murrhine’ vases allow salt water to be potable nonetheless toxic assemble up leads to deaths of useful sailors who begin to catch on and transform pirates (Berbers and Basques).

– Pyramids designed and later constructed to make clear the magnificence of many points to the people. Myths of all types of divination abound
*2,000 BC – Households in places like Iberia of the Caspian Space which had a capital by the an identical establish (now Tiflis) made alliances with – totally different areas of the world in opposition to the worldwide beliefs. This lead to factional stopping with Kelts (Amazons) stopping those who had been further intermarried with Uighurs. The Silk Route was a haven for bandits and mixed breed non-aristocrats identical to the Phoenician Society of Pirates. The breakdown in egalitarian fashions and firm means to implement shopping for and promoting monopolies was solely partially on account of weapon know-how diffusion. It was further linked to the utilization of social engineering throughout the Temples that included prostitution (which the aristocrats later wished for themselves (concubinage).

– Fractionalization of the earlier ‘Brotherhood’ was correctly alongside by the Hyksos intermarriage advertising marketing campaign. The Dwelling of Mallia in Crete was a chief mover throughout the aristocratic enterprise which can have its legacy throughout the Smyrna/Onassis and Sybaritic unproductive ideas of materialism. The place had been the Mungo Man faculty college students and did such a human really don’t have any genetic offspring who’re alive right now?
*1,800 BC – Sardinia was a critical base for guarding the wealth and elite who expert their children and clergymen in a method that was most secret. The Nuraghi secret stays to be correctly saved to nowadays. It is larger than irony and humor that the poisonous plant that led to the utilization of the phrases or phrase ‘Sardonic humor’.

– Scotland and the ‘Emerald Isles’ was a critical haven for these elites and the additional egalitarian amongst them who obtained right here there after the climatic and glacial outcomes had been full.

– Hierarchies of explicit pursuits allowed kings and nobles to ‘entrance’ for them and there have been rising numbers of difficulties rising by means of what we title the normal world or our ‘his’- story. That historic previous was being managed and the Hyksos (means foreigners) type of historic previous and ethnic or nationwide pursuits had been accentuated with a Hegelian dialectic of setting one side in opposition to the other. Secret ‘thriller schools’ had been organized and structured with completely totally different phrases of focus identical to the Therapeutae or Pythagorean Brotherhood. The pre-existing groups like Sarmoung and Good White Brotherhood retained a smaller number of those who knew further of what was occurring. Tuthmosis is claimed to have been the organizer of these plans for the esoteric info. Wars began in earnest and had been culminated throughout the Trojan Battle which lasted larger than ten years although Troy may have been a central location for the negotiations for that point interval.
*1,200 BC – The tip of the Trojan Battle which coincides with the archaeologic doc of the destruction of the cities of Miletus and Jericho. It was not merely in Troy nonetheless in 18 totally different theatres of operations along with Arkansas.

– A 4 hundred yr ‘Darkish Ages’ developed as a result of the commerce as quickly as shared was curtailed and managed by smaller groups of people with Greed as their foremost motivation. Solomon and Hiram of Tyre are the best acknowledged of these.

*800 BC – The founding of Carthage and Etruria confirmed a bunch of people felt they might enhance the commerce and nonetheless administration it and the people wouldn’t get uncontrolled. Others had been averse to this and conflicts throughout the elite led to a bigger sense of futility amongst those who had been becoming further indolent and the utilized sciences and inventive entrepreneurial had been diminishing, amongst them nonetheless not among the many many Pirates and spin off organizations.

*540 BC – A thirty yr interval of re-adjustment ended with Rome being primarily based and Sardinia was not a clearing house for the collected enterprises of the Phoenicians or totally different elites which had numerous agendas. The total destruction of Sybaris and the Battle of Alalia are important to this period.

There are numerous causes to proceed this historic previous nonetheless you may make your private judgement primarily based totally on the information as a result of the e-book progresses. The large question in regards to the Mungo Man has not been addressed by any authors partly because of it is new archaeologic information. Nonetheless, throughout the spirit of ‘mysterious possibility-thinking’ we should always all the time make a stab at what is the remaining results of these modern individuals who had been so developed prolonged sooner than us.

There is a wealth of information in legends identical to the Vedic literature and The Chronicles of Akakor amongst many others that seek the advice of with a type of human who’s completely totally different from us. That that they had blue white pores and pores and skin and completely totally different coloured eyes like Krishna and Noah. Did they educate the poor and ignorant ‘Homo Sapiens’? Have been they the distinctive builders of many inconceivable utilized sciences that depart us unexplainable proof identical to the vitrified rocks? Who was Lhasa that Churchward ‘knowledge’? Presumably the entire spiritual mystics like Jesus and the Cathars had been ultimately related to the remnants of these people or these they taught and the ‘Darkish Ages’ was an attempt by our leaders to eliminate these vestigial truths. A Cornell mathematician by the establish of Richard Thompson has authored and co-authored great scholarship which may help these ‘potentialities’. We’re constructive that legends are proving to have further actuality than delusion throughout the archaeology that persistently disproves ‘his’-story. It may seem probably that even when couldn’t interbreed and produce offspring (In some unspecified time sooner or later there is a good chance they developed genetic means to incorporate with us and depart no traces, merely as we’re able to clone and do associated points right now.) we anticipate they beloved intercourse with us.

This may occasionally often make clear the grottos the place Sibylls and Oracles had been acknowledged to hold round. It may make clear the deep underground metropolis in South America. The Vedic literature says they spent a complete lot of time in these places everyone knows in all legends as a result of the underworld. Can you take into account what they might have achieved? May they really have developed flying craft and the flexibleness to work the type of magic we are going to right now? That that they had further time to do it! The Lupercal in Rome and the devotions to the grotto in all kinds of places may have been a definite type of sacrifice. There are some practices among the many many ‘thriller schools’ and even the ‘Skull & Bones’ Society of right now that advocate they need positive parts of the human physique and head. Presumably when de Vere (who wrote the foreword to Gardner’s present Bible Narrative about Anunnaki or the Elohim, along with his private e-book) just isn’t kidding when he says we’re ‘meals for his or her desk’.

Weird! Isn’t a okay phrase for it! Crazed on vitality and deviate previous creativeness are merely phrases that ridicule and procure no feeling for the horror and obscenity of these practices. We have coated a couple of of those points some other place nonetheless we have not dared to primarily go into good factor. The UFO supplies or totally different points that aren’t solely a cowl for the ‘black ops’ and secret military operations, as they’d have us take into account, might have some roots on this ‘danger’ too. What use would they’ve for our soul? It is so scary that Hubbard (Scientology’s) and his Physique Thetans or Napoleon’s imaginative and prescient throughout the Pyramid may make sense along with Saunière’s phrases on his Rennes citadel (‘This Place is Horrible’). And positive there have been huge caverns and grottos that held some superior points there, if that’s true. All the matter of secrecy and propaganda or politicians and their lies, would begin to make sense.

If Hindu and japanese philosophy (a very powerful number of folks) has these legends and beliefs, no shock the Catholics wished to handle the knowledge and title it heretical. The witches had been their consorts and wanted to be killed. It’s sensible in a totally disgusting method. No! I’m constructive the entire Crusades had been really what they talked about that they had been. Overlook you even be taught this ridiculous ‘stuff’. John Adams and his ‘Dragons’ or the Sarkeny Rend Rosicrucians have further to tell us, and the way in which did they ever infiltrate the Christian church? Everytime you go down this road there could also be really a “Terrible” conclusion. No shock love is hard to hunt out and life was value sacrificing for all so many good souls throughout the Dialogue board or trying to brave the oceans to get away from what our leaders had been doing. Overlook it ALL! Nevertheless keep in mind we now have the way in which ahead for our youngsters to think about, even once we aren’t concerned about what really is the ‘greatest good’ for our ‘brothers’ and totally different life varieties. Did I sense these ‘visions’ after I lived in Seth Adams’ earlier residence near Boston? Who’s conscious of? I don’t. It was as quickly as an insane asylum and that is not irony each.

This type of pondering moreover is wise of the Nazis and totally different reprobates of historic previous. Their curiosity in Rennes was larger than prurient, perhaps far more than pecuniary, as some advocate. I’ve usually instructed myself it may’t be this unhealthy and however I ponder. Why?! Why will we proceed to do the problems we do to at least one one other and this superior and beautiful earth? How might the Pyramids keep quite a bit info? Is it time to ask some questions and end the ‘black ops’ or secret companies? JFK thought so, and everyone knows what occurred to every he and Khrushchev after they agreed to complete the Chilly Battle. I suppose it is true that historic previous repeats itself and I do know there aren’t enough good questions on the desk, and even enough individuals who discover themselves in a position to ‘pondering’.

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