How much coffee a day can you drink without harm to your health?

How much coffee a day can you drink without harm to your health?

Coffee is an invigorating aromatic beans that are popular with many. If you use it correctly, in accordance with the advice of doctors, then beneficial properties for health will appear – the drink will invigorate, the metabolism will accelerate. If abused, it will harm the body, disrupt the functioning of the nervous system, and reward you with insomnia.

The right coffee cup

Wondering how much coffee to consume per day? Look at the volume. In research and advertising, cups are often measured. But how big is this cup? 100 and 350 ml are different things.

As a rule, we are talking about a container with a volume of 100 ml. If a person drinks one 300-milligram glass of coffee a day, then he is consuming 3 servings. For espresso, the volume is even smaller – 80 ml.


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The right coffee cup

How much coffee to drink per day?

The daily value of coffee depends on the particular type of coffee that a person prefers. The amount of drink you can drink depends on the amount of caffeine in it. A single dose of an invigorating substance should not exceed 200 mg, and a daily harmless dosage of 400 mg. Based on these figures, a reasonable number of cups of espresso or Americano per day is calculated.

Natural ground product

The daily dose of caffeine, which is safe for the body, is contained in 8 cups of espresso or 800 ml of a drink brewed in a Turk.

As for a single dosage, it is:

  • 4 cups of espresso
  • 400 ml of coffee beans in a Turk.


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Natural ground product

Attention! You can drink a natural drink in the maximum amount with an interval of at least 6 hours. The gap for a classic cup is 3 hours.


The classic norm is found in two teaspoons of the powder product. In this case, it does not matter how much water is in the mug – the norm of caffeine is considered.

The daily rate of such a drink is 2-3 cups. But experts advise not to use powdered soluble caffeine, since there is only 20% of a natural product there.

Attention! It is better not to use the soluble version at all, since its production is a chemical process. Some harmful substances are not completely washed out and enter the human body.

The benefits of decaf

Processing beans with minimal levels of caffeine is considered safer for health. They contain 4 mg of coffee substance.

Along with the harm, the benefit also disappears. This version of the drink does not invigorate, does not accelerate the metabolism. The acids and fats contained in it can have a negative effect on blood vessels, heart, and digestive system. You can drink no more than 0.8 liters per day without harm to health.


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If you drink more?

When drinking a drink made from invigorating aromatic grains in an amount exceeding 6 servings, negative consequences for the body occur:

  • insomnia, anxiety appears;
  • there are problems with digestion;
  • the load on the heart increases, especially in smokers.

It is necessary to tone the body correctly. You can not use the invigorating drink on an empty stomach. To reduce the concentration of caffeine, it is better to add milk or cream.

How to drink coffee properly so that it is beneficial?

Tips for the correct use of the tonic product are as follows:

  • you should choose arabica, containing a lower concentration of tonic;
  • when drinking coffee on an empty stomach, the dosage should be reduced;
  • for smokers, the daily dosage is reduced;
  • in the presence of chronic diseases, it is better to discuss the possibility of drinking coffee with a doctor.


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If you follow all the tips, then the pleasure and benefits of coffee can be obtained every day. It will help cleanse the liver, prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and tones the nervous system. You should not give up the drink altogether. In small quantities, it is a real medicine.


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