How to Use a Yoga Bolster for Practicing Yoga for a Longer Period?


To get the advantages of yoga it is really crucial to utilize strengthen precisely. A boost is comparable to a pillow circular or rectangle-shaped.

It assists in bring back the natural shape and curve of the body. This position is carried out by a yoga reinforce.

The actions included in performing this workout extend your legs in front, put the reinforce beneath your spinal column, lean on the boost the head ought to be supported by the boost. Position your arms at the side of the strengthen palm dealing with upside and unwind.

How to utilize a yoga strengthen?


Here is some crucial function of yoga boost which will offer you a much better understanding of how to utilize yoga a strengthen.

Yoga boost provides you convenience while carrying out the workout.
Yoga strengthens are extremely soft and this is the most crucial function. You need to constantly remember that the strengthen must be soft. A soft strengthen is just efficient in supplying convenience.
Yoga reinforce utilized is for improvement of relaxation while carrying out a workout.
Size is likewise a crucial aspect. It is very important to pick an ideal size according to the goal.
The shape is another crucial element. Rectangle-shaped strengthens are more comfy than round boosts.
Rectangle-shaped boosts are 12″ by 6″ by25″
Round boosts are 9″ by 6″ by 25″

There are a range of reinforces offered in the market. It is extremely essential to understand how to utilize a yoga boost, and understand for what function which sort of strengthen you need to utilize. A few of them are gone over discussed here.

Encouraging boost
Pranayama strengthen
Max assistance reinforce
Junior yoga strengthen

Do not stress we will assist you in picking the best explain and boost how to utilize a yoga strengthen.

You have to choose what shape of strengthen you desire. Rectangle-shaped reinforces will have more surface location and it will supply more stability while doing workout. Round strengthens have more height than rectangle-shaped reinforce.
You must pick helpful or max assistance strengthens. The only variation in these boosts is the weight. Max Support reinforce is for those who have more weight.
, if you are buying for kids junior boosts will be ideal for them.. These strengthens are travel friendly.
Pranayama boosts are ideal for breathing workouts.
Here are the 3 finest yoga boosts. You can include these yoga boosts to yoga workouts.
Encouraging rectangle-shaped cotton yoga boosts.
Encouraging round cotton yoga reinforce.
Buckwheat strengthens pillow.

These 3 boosts are of various sizes and shapes. You can examine these and include them to your workout according to your requirements.

Here are some yoga works out to assist you learn about how to utilize a yoga strengthen:


Supported pigeon:

It assists in launching stress in the legs and excess muscles. This is a total relaxing posture for the body. The reinforce is positioned under the head with arms supporting the head.

This workout consists of engaged core muscles. It likewise enhances food digestion controls sugar levels in the body and likewise assists in the decrease of fat in the body.

Supported knee twist:


Enhances versatility of the body and alleviates back discomfort. For performing this posture, one must lie on the ground dealing with upwards. The hands ought to be put next to the head.

Put the strengthen next to the leg. Gradually twist your leg which is on the other side of the reinforce and put it over the boost.


This is an inversion body posture which is extremely handy in eliminating tension and stress and anxiety. The significant advantage of this workout is preserving blood pressure and assists the body to unwind. The bolster is placed close to the wall.

Gradually raise your legs and move close towards the wall positioning your hips on the strengthen. Spread your arms on the ground palms dealing with upwards and unwind. Hold this position as long as possible and after that gradually launch it.

Supported kid present:


This pose helps in opening up the length of the back and hips. Place the bolster under the stomach and lie down.

Position your arms side making a T shape or putting the elbows making an angle of 90 degrees extending them out in front. Carefully push the forehead into the reinforce and extend your back. Hold this position broaden your back and breathe in and breathe out gradually.

4 postures are really helpful in preserving the stability of the body. These postures likewise assist in making correct coordination with the body. Here is an in-depth description of how to utilize a yoga boost in carrying out these postures.

The process to do the exercise in the first pose is, place the bolster parallel to your mat.

around the waist.
from your tail to the crown.

you need to have the ability to breathe freely.

Keep the core gentle and support it. Keep yourself steady on the bolster and lift other foot, both knees should be above your hips.

Reach the right arm overhead simultaneously, lowering toward shoulder height. When you exhale, follow the same steps with the reverse or alternate leg and the arm.

Keep coordination between the lower and upper body. Slowly roll get down from your bolster.

This pose helps build coordination with the full-body. The process to do the exercise in the second pose is you have to stand on a soft, surface of the bolster.

Stand in the middle of the strengthen with the left foot. Repair look unmoving surface area of flooring or wall. When you are steady, raise your foot off, attempting to keep the waist and body steady.

Take time to adjust to the bolster underneath you. Try to keep yourself stable even though the surface of the bolster is unsteady and very soft.

Take the left arm out in the front direction once you have balanced yourself. Bend the best knee gradually and bring the heel towards the butt, then with the other hand capture the inner arch of the foot. Balance yourself in this forward reach of the hand, with the best foot and backwards kick.

Preserve this position for approximately 8 breaths. gradually reverse and return to the preliminary position. Now come down from the boost, bring both the feet together to base on the flooring.

The third pose shows how to use a yoga bolster. Balancing your body on one foot is very difficult; this poses required to keep the bolster on back and hips, forming a straight line along your torso.

Keep your hips in line with the body. Once you find your point of stability leave the bolster and move your arms down by the side of your body. Maintain the position because if you move the bolster will become unstable and will roll down from your back.

If you lower your head or sacrum the balance of bolster shifts to the lower part of the body. Maintain the balance at the center of the body. Hold this position for 8 breath inhale and exhale smoothly.

The last pose depicts how to use a yoga bolster. Keel down on the bolster balance yourself.

If you will slightly move then you will lose your balance you will fall from the bolster. Maintain the position and avoid the movement. Maintain the position for 5 breaths and release from the position.

These 4 postures are necessary to cultivate versatility and keep appropriate coordination amongst various parts of your body.

Savasana, supported front fold, extending forward bend, sukhasana, ustrasana are some examples of how to utilize a yoga reinforce.

As discussed above a yoga bolster is like a pillow circular or rectangular. It is a yoga tool and it important to know the correct way of using a bolster. If you don’t know the correct way that how to use bolster then all your efforts will go in vain.


You can also call yoga bolster a pillow that is for supporting a particular body part while exercising. If you are using a yoga prop correctly it will help in healing problems related to your body. Using yoga bolster as a prop helps in enhancing the benefits of yoga.

Here we have shared information about how to use a yoga bolster. Which bolster will be perfect for you?


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