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Joe Exotic Net Worth 2021: How Much Did He Make From ‘Tiger King’ Netflix?


By presently, everyone as well as additionally their moms have in fact paid attention to the name Joe Exotic, the previous owner of Oklahoma’s Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, that’s in prison for murder-for-hire as well as additionally animal abuse. While Joe Exotic’s overall possessions from Netflix’s Tiger King should be the last factor on consumers’ minds after his horrible criminal offenses were divulged in the seven-episode docuseries. But, alas, listed below we are, wondering about simply just how much is Joe Exotic’s overall possessions as well as additionally if he was paid anything for Netflix’s doc?

What Is Joe Exotic’s Job?

Joe is the previous owner of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. He opened the park after his brother or sister Garold died in an automobile incident in the loss of 1997. As reviewed in Tiger King, Joe taken advantage of the money that his member of the family acquired in a settlement from the company accountable of Garold’s death to open the zoo in his honor. The park, which was at first called the Garold Wayne Exotic Animal Memorial Park, started on a horse ranches before it became a full-on zoo that housed tigers, lions, as well as additionally numerous other exotic animals. Before his profession as a zookeeper, Joe worked as an authorities principal in Eastvale, Texas, and also later as safety workers for a gay bar in the state. He existed to exotic animals from his neighbor in West Palm Beach, Florida, that was the manager of an animal canine store.

In 2015, Joe moved the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park to a male called Jeff Lowe, a business buddy that would absolutely promptly trigger him. As reviewed in Tiger King, it’s believed that Joe provided his zoo to preserve it out of the hands of Carole Baskin, the CEO of Florida’s Big Cat Rescue, whom he was related to a fit with at the time. (More on that particular certain in the future.)

How Much Did Joe Exotic’s Zoo Cost?

According to the Greater Wynnewood Animal Parks web website, fundamental admission to the zoo is $15 for a full-grown as well as additionally $10 for young people. However, it’s the park’s “Royalty Tour” where it’s assumed Joe got a great deal of his money. The V.I.P. behind the drape journey cost $175 each as well as additionally provided 6 minutes “individual play” with youngster tigers as well as additionally along with numerous other small animals for an added $50. Likewise, the doc divulged that Joe made a large amount of his money by marketing his tiger cubs, according to him, that establish you back relating to $2,000 a feline.

Tiger King furthermore divulged that Joe paid his personnel simply $150 a week as well as additionally would absolutely use went out store things as well as additionally continuing to be pet dog carcasses from the roadway as food for his animals, which put his cost for items at practically $3,000 a year, according to InTouch.

What’s Joe Exotic’s Net Worth?

According to Cheat Sheet, Joe’s overall possessions are estimated in between $10 as well as additionally $15 million, nevertheless normally, a large amount has in fact changed in current times. In January 2020, Joe was condemned for 2 issues of murder-for-hire after it was acknowledged that he supposedly planned to remove Carole. He was furthermore penalized to 22 years in federal government prison for a variety of offenses of the Lacey Act, conservation regulation, Endangered Species Act after federal government agents discovered 5 dead tigers concealed in the back of his park. Joe is currently supplying his time at the Federal Medical Center Fort Worth in Fort Worth, Texas, though he is searching for a governmental justification from President Donald Trump.

Tiger King

As reviewed in Tiger King, Joe battled with money in the direction of the conclusion of his time at Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park. Federal agents verify that he provided much of his significant felines, some as young as 2 weeks old, for cash. Before that, though, Joe made a great deal of his money from the park, where he billed website visitors to pet canines as well as additionally pose with lions as well as additionally tiger cubs. He furthermore provided items as well as additionally pizza momentarily. The docudrama furthermore divulged that Joe would absolutely travel to go shopping shopping malls around the country for programs with tiger as well as additionally lion cubs, though that was recommended to an end after Carole started to send those going shopping malls emails with extremely worded messages relating to Joe’s attested abuse. It’s unclear simply just how much his overall possessions are presently, nevertheless it’s reported that in his hello there day, Joe made in between $10 as well as additionally $15 million.

What About Joe Exotic’s Lawsuits?

In 2011, Joe has actually sued versus Carole for $1 million after he supposedly infringed upon the trademark of the Big Cat Rescue. The fit forced him to proclaim bankruptcy.

But that isn’t the only money-related fit that Joe is acknowledged for. After the launch of Tiger King, Joe sent a $94 million fit versus the U.S. Fish as well as additionally Wildlife Service as well as additionally along with the U.S. Department of Interior for mishandling his scenario. According to TMZ, he stated that the federal government incorrectly offered the “usual tiger” as an endangered kind which he was “preyed on because of the reality that he is the only private billed with this regulation because of the reality that [he] is an honestly gay guy with the largest collection of usual tigers as well as additionally crossbreeds.” Because of this, Joe sent the fit to settle the loss of individual impacts as well as additionally 18 years’ worth of handle tigers that he dropped as a result of the screwed up scenario.

Tiger King

Was Joe Exotic Paid For Tiger King?

It’s unclear if Joe was invested for Tiger King, nevertheless, because of the reality that the collection is identified as a docudrama (which often does not pay its subjects), it’s assumed that Joe got zilch from Tiger King. However, like several reality programs, it’s viable that Joe as well as additionally others that talked within Tiger King acquired some sort of gratuity, though that hasn’t been confirmed.

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