John Holmes Claimed to Have Slept With 14,000 Women – What Made Him So Appealing?

John Holmes Claimed to Have Slept With 14,000 Women – What Made Him So Appealing?

Many men have made a point of publicizing how many women they have slept with during their lives. Basketball star Wilt Camberlain, in his 1991 biography, claimed to have slept with 20,000 women and was known as “The Big Dipper.” The adult actor John Holmes claimed to have slept with over 14,000 women and was known as “Johnny Wadd.”


While facts are facts and claims are claims, we really have no idea how many women these men slept with. But it certainly makes one wonder. Truly these men were very sexually active, there’s no denying that fact. While they both were famous and popular in their chosen fields, they also had one thing in common: They were both known for having exceptionally large penises.

Could the lure of a larger-than-normal penis be appealing to women…?

It is almost mind-boggling impossible to even fathom what it would be like to have sex with this many women in a lifetime. But the fact is that women aren’t shy when it comes to a man with a larger-than-average penis. Call it curiosity, desire, lust, interest, or preference… One fact remains the same, and that age-old question surfaces once again for people to discuss and debate:

Does Size Matter?

Apparently it does.

A group of women were surveyed regarding a man’s physical attractiveness and his penis size. The results were nearly unanimous in their feelings about penis size and physical attractiveness. The majority of women stated that they would rather be with a man of average looks with a large penis, rather than a very-good looking man with a small penis.

There are many ways a man can improve his “attractiveness” in life. While a great personality, sense of humor, and character are clearly important in sizing up a man, apparently penis size is appealing, too. This is great news for me, as I’m not the best-looking guy in the neighborhood but through Natural Penis Enlargement I was able to increase my size.

Penis enlargement is easier than probably sleeping with 20,000 women, to be honest with you. Not that I am interested in sleeping with 20,000 women — Because I’m not. But penis enlargement is possible if you educate yourself and utilize methods that have been used for at least a thousand years; as well as incorporating new techniques that are just being revealed.

After years of experience and research, penis enlargement through Exercising the Penis is the best method we have found, bar none. In its most basic form it utilizes stretches, pulls, and squeezes of the penis to encourage growth. Some of the techniques are similar to what penis-lengthening surgery entails, but without the side-effects and dangers of surgery.

If you are interested in breaking Wilt or John’s sexual records, then good luck to you. If you want a head-start in your quest, read IRON MAN PENIS – THE RUSSIAN SYSTEM and learn how to do it and do it Right.

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