Learn how NOT to make a magnolia leaf wreath

Learn how not to make a magnolia leaf wreath

Visions of gold magnolia leaf wreaths throughout my home as well as additional workshops were twirling in my mind. My backyard included foraged magnolia branches. Having evaluated lots of “how-to” as well as additionally “do it on your own” I picked the standards utilizing mod podge.

The guidelines requested for utilizing mod podge on both sides of the magnolia leaf, permit one side entirely dry as well as later on do the different other. After doing a zillion leaves, as well as additionally acquiring the magnolia leaves stuck on the paper that was covering my dining-room table, I comprehended that possibly this was other than me. Oh… as well as additionally clearly my fingers were

glued with each various other as well as additionally Beau ( my rescue animal) as well as additionally I were a little ditzy maintaining that much adhesive in your house.

The complying with activity was to spray paint the mod podge leaves gold simply to find that they were folds up throughout the magnolia leaves as well as additionally paper was stuck to them.

SO…. I went down many human resources of collaborating with the dropped leaves as well as additionally started with fresh magnolia leaves that I sprinkled gold as well as later on positioned a clear adhesive on them.

Wreath framework

A wire wreath framework is what the DIYers stated was one of the most reliable to fasten the magnolia leaves to. However, I couldn’t wire them on suitably so I resorted to a grapevine wreath framework. That overjoyed! My wreath would absolutely be generated! Grapevine wreath to turn into a gold magnolia leaf wreath.

Glue Gun

The complying with activity was to glue the magnolia leaves onto the framework with a glue tool, my new blazing toy. And by blazing, I suggest cozy… I virtually defrosted my operated iron table outside with it. Yes, this minute fumes as well as additionally I was outdoors.  The trouble for me with the glue tool is that it leaves strings like spider net throughout the dropped leaves as well as additional work. I am unclear how to not have the strings… it looks like not have fairy floss sticky.

The leaves were all glued on yet I can still see the stems as well as additionally didn’t identify instead how to cover them to guarantee that is where the yearn cones can be discovered in. I glued pinecones (from my backyard) around the within the wreath as well as additionally, it recommended me of a tribal head thing I had in fact seen someplace in Africa or Asia. If you prefer a lovely magnolia wreath afterward I extremely recommend the Magnolia Company. That is where I will absolutely be acquiring my magnolia wreath list below year.


As you can identify from the picture, I keep the head thing/wreath as well as additionally entrusted it to hang on the patio area. But the pinecones… oh my… that was pleasurable. I have a great deal of

pinecones in the lumber around my home that it appeared like reward looking or truffle looking (which I have in fact never ever before done).

Spray Paint

Spray repaint your pinecones prior to gluing them onto the wreath is the way to go. Although If you prefer a magnificent pinecone wreath au natural, the king of pinecone wreaths is David Sweeney His wreaths are an art item that you will absolutely reward for several years.

After the spray paint as well as the additional glue tool melted, I sprinkled throughout with a lacquer surface area that I had in the closet. I think any kind of gloss spray would absolutely be sufficient. Then with all the left-over pinecones as well as additional branches I spray painted them …. Not instead particular what to do with them yet I make particular I will absolutely find a location.

Please share your comments as well as additionally permit me to identify your experiences with making wreaths! Happy Holidays!!!

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