Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci

THE BIKE OF LEONARDO DA VINCI: – “… a man who was at once an artist, an inventor, a scientist – and who saw no contradiction between these diverse realms.

In his unceasing quest for truth, Leonardo explored every branch of the sciences known to his age and proved to be far ahead in many respects in his precise observations, his striving for sound methodology and measurement, and the value he placed on empirical proof. ‘No human investigation’, he wrote, ‘can be called true science without going through the mathematical tests… the sciences which begin and end in the mind cannot be considered to contain truth, because such discourses lack experience, without which nothing reveals itself with certainty.” (57)

This quote is from a semi-whitewash of a life loaded with conflict, especially with the church. They have to emphasize the self-important control over suggestion in addition to creativity the church of Leonardo’s day had greater than all clinical investigates. In fact there was simply one clinical study – technique which in genuine truth was merely belief. So Leonardo’s words deal with a numerous value than they advise. It is far more important than you can envision because Leonardo was the head or ‘Nautonnier’ of the Abbey of Sion. The authors are from Catholic Universities largely, so we need to forgive them when they insist to have really grown Leonardo’s wizard when really they did the in contrast in addition to it isn’t till near conclusion of overview they note he was billed with being homosexual by these Inquisitorial suppressors of heart in addition to suggestion.

There is a whole specialized of study devoted to Da Vinci’s work nonetheless little truth in addition to a large amount of promotion. Number of are they that admit both he in addition to his expert were sorcerers in addition to the scaries of a life hid behind lies in addition to half-truths that occurred from the concern of being uncovered. It is a design of much of the excellent scientists in addition to their lives, in addition to little credit scores record is supplied to the bold men and also ladies that struggled to understand in addition to the truth they shared is conveniently offered. Why? Do we still hesitate others might do what they did or think? Think by themselves in addition to take a look at the authority which seeks to associate their strategy to acknowledging.

The Scientific Strategy of keeping track of in addition to last idea is declared to have really been discovered by Bacon. There is some truth to that, nonetheless which Bacon? Some state Francis in addition to there is no truth since although he acted to be a sorcerer in his Rosicrucian or Masonic circles including John Dee in addition to Ashmolean kinds. The much much better scholars connect it to Roger Bacon that actually was a sorcerer in addition to spent a great deal of his life in dungeons after having really himself away in the church as a monk for a long time. Metaphysics in addition to independent suggestion can be a damaging solution in addition to there are a number of existing authors whose work is handed over to obscurity unless they learn specifically just how to relax the ‘normative’ or self-important mindset. The gloomy element is that there is no benefit to any kind of specific by such oppression. Not simply exists riches in addition to creativity nonetheless those that identify the heart will definitely not CALL FOR to furnish it in unique raiment. They will gladly profit the pleasure of utilizing their opportunity for the benefit of the mankind as opposed to seeking to wreck others in addition to life overall.

It is interesting that Napoleon (a Merovingian/Mason) ensured to get each of Da Vinci’s work that had to do with when he controlled Milan, nonetheless I there is numerous of it that had actually not been discovered up till later on in addition to it is most interesting. Da Vinci was a Johannite like Newton (another sorcerer, whose Principiae Mathematica had a brief comment at its’ start – ‘This is even more than I have to specify; in addition to a great deal much less than there is!’). Johannites assume genuine prophet in Scriptural times was John the Baptist in addition to we are staying to search for numerous other Benjaminite in addition to Masonic relate to him despite a sensation that both Jesus in addition to John the Baptist were ranging from the precise very same source. Would definitely Napoleon have destroyed any kind of type of Johannite functions if the Merovingian House of David in addition to Judah or member of the family of Jesus were stressed worrying Da Vinci’s appeal in addition to integrity or jobs? We cannot specify something in addition to we aren’t particular John had actually not been a favourite of theirs also.

The awkward element of this magazine is the conversation of Da Vinci as a semi-competent that needed a Franciscan monk’s support. We such as Francis of Assisi in addition to do not wonder about the church was monitoring Leonardo similarly as they did all artists that were producing God’s work. Yes, the church stated all creative work was their house! They furthermore took care of education and learning and also finding out similarly as they have in a number of locations up till this exceptionally day. Greater than most likely Luca Pacioli (Franciscan) was under guidelines to preserve Da Vinci in line in addition to to make such factors as we will definitely see, remain hidden from the public. Da Vinci was before Galileo in addition to you can be particular he would definitely have actually satisfied the typical dreadful apostate danger or fire after a number of parts were activated or lowered along the technique.

These are words of the Catholic University scholastic which supply a little understanding to the conflict Da Vinci ran into throughout these self-important times when presumed was likewise a lot less well dealt with than today. “Leonardo and Luca Pacioli worked together for many years, and as we have seen, the intervention of Master Luca was decisive. Nevertheless there existed between the two categories a social and hierarchical conflict, even if no one had ever placed in doubt the supremacy of the liberal arts as the only depositories of true science. And the one who rose up resolutely against the exclusion of the mechanical arts from the sphere of science {Such deceit to call what the church allowed people to think of, as science.}, or as it was then known, ‘philosophy’ was Leonardo.” (58)

The greatest element of the whole magazine for me is the bike. It has a chain drive system that resembles a 19th century style of something he would definitely have actually seen in the future. His representation is not crafted so entirely that he would definitely have had the capability to examine it however. It had no assisting system, as an instance. Along with the preliminary image that was exposed long after the casualty of all occasions is an adolescent image of a penis to resemble a family pet feline with legs. Still they do not actually make use of words to state he was ‘gay’ in addition to we comprehend he would definitely specify something worrying this if he lived today. It is a certain element of promotion – excellent people become added hassle-free after they die – you can ‘revolve’ their image to your hearts desire. When it involves Jesus they make him over every century! I assume all the clergymans abusing children throughout The USA and also Canada in addition to the court honors have made them a little fragile – can you specify danger surveillance? Can you specify hypocrites? They still leave out ‘gays’ from all type of factors in addition to marriage connection is merely amongst them. Maybe this is the area ‘master’ Luca was most helpful to Da Vinci?! It is a place of their expertise nonetheless what Da Vinci had the capability to produce, is not.

“While they recognize the unmistakable nature of this machine, the few scholars who have examined the drawing are decidedly reluctant to admit its antiquity. Since the application of the chain-drive goes back only to the end of the 19th century, they propose a dating of the drawing within the early years of the present century. Such a hypothesis, however, collides with insurmountable difficulties: (1) The page in question remained hidden for almost four centuries, and it is unimaginable that 70 or 80 years ago a boy would have obtained from the directorship of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana the permission to view the codex, detach one or two of the pages, and then draw upon them and glue them back again. (2) Even in that case, he would have drawn a bicycle of a type then existent, not one of wood with wheelbarrow wheels, {And this imaginary child the academics try to say drew the cat/penis, would have been a pretty smart kid to know the name of Leonardo’s pupil/model/lover. There is a small matter of his signature.} no means of steering, and the teeth of the central gear so squared off that they could not be fitted to the chain. (3) The odd toothed wheels and the chain coincide exactly with those drawn by Leonardo in Codex Madrid 1, folio 10 recto. (4) We cannot separate the bicycle from the other drawings visible in folios 132 verso and 133 verso of the Codex Atlanticus. Actually they were drawn when the pages were united at the two halves of one page. Reuniting them, we see that another hand has drawn, also in pencil and from left to right, two pornographic drawings obviously meant as a joke, over which, on the right side, is clearly written ‘salaj’, that is, Salai, the name of Leonardo’s pupil, model and servant…To become a reality, the idea required the final solution of some challenging problems such as the matter of steering and the adaptation of the large squared off teeth with their jutting comers to the links of the chain… Salai entered Leonardo’s house in 1490, aged 10.” (59)

Simply exactly how did Leonardo draw in worrying half of the design of such as bike? The greatest reaction is that he thought about the ‘Philosopher’s Rock’ of his patron/alchemist or he produced amongst his really own like Nostradamus. It is not an extremely simple indicate do, nonetheless I think he can have done it. If he actually travelled with time he would definitely have had the capability to draw in a bike in addition to a number of numerous other factors like his prominent helicopter. When thinking about a ‘Rock’ there are a number of intricate images of possible future in addition to messy realities. We comprehend that a number of within the Catholic Church have really investigated these factors (e.g. Aquinas) which they comprehend regarding the ‘Rock’. In existing times a Catholic cleric produced a Chronovisor together with leading physicists including Enrico Fermi, according to one document I have really seen.

We comprehend they would definitely have actually been exceptionally stressed worrying Leonardo notifying the world worrying a number of factors he comprehended. The Gnostics were heretics because they declared factors like: ‘The First Disobedience that separates us from God is Absence of understanding!’ That is bying far whether you are an apostate because you trust the chance of a ‘Rock’ today? Yes, a great deal of society! Number of have any kind of type of tip of what a sorcerer is or what repayments they have really made to humankind, the quantum physicists were called ‘atom-mysticists’ when they pointed out the crucial points condition clinical study in addition to alchemy has really investigated for over 13,000 years. This is why we do not call for an Inquisition. Considering that the media in addition to education and learning and also finding out system is added effective!

The titles in addition to grandiloquent examinations of the egotistical chest-beating ecclesiasts that follow in the actions of the money- changers whose tables Jesus over-turned in the Roman-backed Sanctuaries are so fantastic that any kind of type of adaptable person can rapidly think THEY needs to identify! This is the approach of ‘The BIG lie!’ If you make a butt of your genuine self (the heart) by declaring you are ‘Holy’ in addition to an ‘Emperor’, it is regardless of. Just stay to consist of all the nations in addition to states you have under your control. Declare you are the solitary representative of God worldwide, which deep area concentrates on you. It can operate along with declaring disease stems from ‘misdoings in addition to adversaries’ in addition to ‘ladies are the forerunners of THE First Disobedience’. Actually any kind of type of human has the capability to identify what Jesus called ‘the living daddy within’. Are we really out of the influence of the ‘Dark Ages’? I want to contest that with the Pope or a couple of various other proselyte.

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