Main 1% of three ONLINE MARKETING Companies! The Daniel Okay. Tune Assembly

Progressing to the main 1% of any kind of ONLINE MARKETING chance is pretty an impediment, choosing to start round with a brand-new agency in addition to doing it as soon as once more is certainly superb.

After pausing from Web advertising for just about a yr… What Daniel Okay. Tune prepares to do following is perhaps his most troublesome issue; not simply does he intend to do it as soon as once more with a brand-new, as an alternative big agency, he’s mosting prone to do whereas functioning a everlasting activity! Why? To point out to you that it CANISTER be executed.

It’s acknowledged that with the intention to have success in multi degree advertising you require to actually grasp one potential. Whether or not it exists, shutting, inspiration, or (for the net globe) copywriting, Search Engine Optimization or social networking, it is extraordinarily important to acknowledge your potential in addition to “run” with it.

Daniel Okay. Tune has truly understood the extraordinarily rewarding artwork of Group-Constructing: The branding of a society in addition to system of replicating representatives that solely belief his administration. He’s an occasion of the facility standard multi degree advertising approaches carry these that may get this potential.

All through this extraordinarily busy time, I had a possibility to fulfill him in addition to I intend to welcome you to take a look at our dialogue in hopes that you just may get hold of some price from an actual ONLINE MARKETING grasp.

* Please Notice: doesn’t urge “opportunity jumping,” nonetheless the story of Daniel Okay. Tune is a testomony to the facility of the multi degree advertising chance in addition to restates our concept that people choose leaders previous to choosing a agency. Merely put, our crew imagine that at the beginning, people are buying YOU; not your gadgets neither cost technique.

sK: I am merely mosting prone to start with the necessities…the size of time have you ever been related to Web advertising?

Daniel: I’ve truly belonged of the Web advertising Market presently for just about 7 years. Most of which has truly been full-time…I drew again in Would possibly of 2003 as I used to be making ready to complete from Artwork Facility College of Model in Pasadena. I’ve truly belonged to The Wellness in addition to Well being Marketplace for each one of many 7 years I’ve truly marketed. It had not been until this earlier yr that I selected to deal with 2 totally different career programs; one as a developer & promoting supervisor, in addition to the assorted different as a multi degree marketer (as soon as once more).

sK: So what’s your age presently… you continue to appear like a teenager to me.

Daniel: I am 29, look 20, in addition to most probably act much more like I am 12… I have the benefit of being a “kid,” life was much more satisfying once you had been a teenager. I covet the advantage, simpleness in addition to purity of a teenager’s actions, alternatives, in addition to concepts… though acquiring carded for ‘R’ ranked movies at just about 30 is a bit of bit irritating.

sK: I hear you brotha, I am 31 in addition to I get hold of carded throughout as nicely! I am considering it is an Jap level. Earlier than much more main points…anyone that acknowledges you, acknowledges that you just like vehicles… the quantity of assorted vehicles have you ever had?

Daniel: Umm… to this point? I’ve truly had (9) vehicles up to now (8) years… I started in multi degree advertising with a Honda Civic that I bought in secondary faculty. The preliminary car I bought “through” multi degree advertising was a 1993 Acura NSX (which was my need car maturing as a teenager)… That NSX was after that adhered to up with a: 2002 BMW 325i, 2004 Infiniti G35 sports activities automotive, 2005 Lotus Elise, 1997 Acura NSX-T, 2008 Honda Element SC, 2008 Lexus GS350, 2004 Honda s2000, in addition to presently a 2010 BMW 335i… I assume that is it… I truly have the benefit of vehicles.

sK:…uhh yea you assume?

Daniel: I suggest, bearing in mind that I do not need any kind of assorted different real vices (like alcohol consumption, smoking cigarettes, or partying) that is my solely real vice. I merely want my future wife-to-be can nonetheless like me for it.

Vice: Daniel’s custom-made Acura NSX – His “dream” car earlier than multi degree advertising.

sK: So long as she’s driving what she wishes… you may be alright. The place are you now dwelling presently?

Daniel: I presently reside within the Newport, The golden state. I made use of to be in Rowland Ranges in addition to Ruby Bar lots of my life, but vacated to Orange Area concerning (2) years earlier since my bro meant to be nearer to perform… in addition to contemplating that I perform from home, space truly did not matter a lot to me. It is completely an amazing location.

sK: Previous to I put out of your mind, on a serious notice, I worth you spending a while out of your timetable to dialog, protecting that being acknowledged… permit’s merely come right down to it…IN WHICH THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!?

Daniel: Not a difficulty. Sorry it is taken this prolonged to lastly sit to have this dialogue! The place have I been?! Haha…. Enable’s merely declare I took round a yr off to “reinvent myself” if you’ll.

sK: Change? Like Madonna? What exists to vary?

Daniel: To acknowledge what I did, would definitely suggest you would definitely have to look a bit of extra proper into my historical past previous to multi degree advertising. I’ve truly always meant to be a musician or a developer, this was my key curiosity. I suggest, I additionally mosted prone to an Artwork Establishment to hunt this curiosity… in addition to YOU acknowledge that originating from an Asian-American historical past, lots of mothers and dads need you to be a medical skilled, legal professional, or something “prestigious”.

sK: Yea, I can acknowledge that…at the very least a designer very best!?

Daniel: Proper, so you possibly can visualize the psychological heart-attack my mothers and dads skilled after I launched that I “wanted to be an artist” in addition to most probably to an artwork faculty! This will surely NOT create nice family supper boasting discussions in between aunties in addition to uncles.

sK: It is every little thing about boasting civil liberties with them…

Daniel: Okay, fast forward 3-4 years, in addition to I started in multi degree advertising RIGHT out of college… I found myself in massive (in addition to I DO suggest massive) pupil automotive mortgage monetary obligations, in addition to cost card ending.

sK: Approximate. simply how a lot?

Daniel: I assume my pupil automotive mortgage equilibriums remained within the $145,000 array, not consisting of cost card. So I existed with a POSSIBILITY to make some money with multi degree advertising as I ready to complete from college.

sK: That is quite a lot of monetary debt…had been you funded in ONLINE MARKETING from an individual that was presently a pacesetter?

Daniel: My enroller was an individual that has truly been extraordinarily efficient together with his very personal multi degree advertising career, in addition to took me beneath his wings to advisor in addition to instruct me the “game”… in addition to for 7 years, I did multi degree advertising FULL-TIME; as the one strategies of an earnings useful resource. It was EXCELLENT, but it always evaluated on my ideas that I appeared to have truly disregarded my musician pursuits to go after promoting.

24k +…tolerable for a “BONUS” test! (Notification there may be one behind it too)

sK: Oh obtained it… you by no means ever truly had a possibility to assessment factors…by no means ever “pulled over on the side of the freeway” if you’ll?

Daniel: Proper…so after leaving my final chance, I selected to take some time off to go after a job that DIDN’T embody multi degree advertising. This was a considerable wager to disregard the ONLY level I understood precisely learn how to do, in addition to the ONLY level that paid my bills.

sK: So was it an error?

Daniel: Nope…the wager settled. I landed an incredible placement as a format in addition to creatives participant of Leg Alternative Inc, among the many sectors largest outfit in addition to underwear makes in the US! I quickly dealt with a complete lot much more obligations helping in all components of the format in addition to revolutionary process there. It actually felt fantastic to lastly have an efficient in addition to favorable electrical outlet for my revolutionary necessities!

sK: They should’ve taken benefit of your promoting experience…

Daniel: That is what they did… they might not overlook my previous as a advertising professional. They quickly started to harness my experiences to help with branding duties, in addition to promoting sources in addition to units. I merely obtained marketed as an promoting and advertising supervisor there.

Daniel utilizing his format in addition to artwork curiosity behind a workdesk for Leg Alternative Inc. Picture: Hank Lee

sK: So that you solely forgot ONLINE MARKETING?

Daniel: Properly no… protecting that being acknowledged, I likewise always had one eye again in the marketplace that assisted make WHATEVER possible for me. I suggest that is the market that actually opened doorways to much more probabilities for me.

sK: So the place are we at presently?

Daniel: Properly, after taking a few months to search for a brand-new residence/alternative to go after, I selected it was time to leap BACK RIGHT INTO multi degree advertising. The one distinction this time round is that I nonetheless have a everlasting career, but likewise managing multi degree advertising.

sK: What makes you assume you are able to do it effectively on a part-time foundation? After I declare “successfully” I suggest success as in “Daniel Song” -kind success.

Daniel: There’s quite a lot of hesitation that with out going everlasting in multi degree advertising, you can not find yourself being efficient. I am beneath to indicate that false impression incorrect! I extremely suppose it has to do with TIME ADMINISTRATION, in addition to the efficient USE time (definition: the prime quality of initiative in addition to preparation) that causes success in addition to NOT the QUANTITY or AMOUNT of time.

sK:…keep going, that is vital issues…

Daniel:…some people can seem 40-50 hrs proper into their multi degree advertising service in addition to not make a cent, in addition to there are a number of of us, that may merely make 4-5 phone name per week, in addition to attract a yearly income of over 6 numbers. What is the distinction? RELIABLE USE YOUR TIME! I’ve truly always been a multi-tasker.

sK: I assume that’s needed for a lot of people to hearken to… I actually really feel that quite a few networkers blunder movement for development…when it is truly a difficulty of objective in addition to concentrated enery. So the size of time has it been, or… the size of time have you ever been non-active?

Daniel: Roughly 8 months is the second it is required to: assessment, redouble, in addition to modify. I can’t declare that I am additionally presently “FULL-TIME” virtually based mostly upon the that means of lots of functioning course…but I can INFORM you with self-confidence that I’m BACK in multi degree advertising! I am not an beginner having enjoyable together with his pastimes, but an professional intending his service.

sK: Obtained it… appear to be you are main…you acknowledge from what I study you, you truly are an enormous advocate (a minimal of in my viewpoint) of not “loving” Multi Degree Advertising, but valuing its capability to provide time in addition to flexibility with the intention to search what you truly do LOVE….. Would definitely you declare that’s precise?

Daniel: Uh sure in addition to no… I suggest I do LOVE multi degree advertising, but I assume what I “LOVE” concerning multi degree advertising is definitely it is capability to open up brand-new doorways in addition to open brand-new levels of capability which weren’t available to you previously. I suggest it is fantastic which you can generate revenue with multi degree advertising, but if that is your end-all goal, after that it is pretty unlucky in addition to limiting. Web advertising supplied me not simply the financial flexibility, but the second flexibility (which is MORE VITAL – as time is NOT replenish-able like money is). The time-freedom supplied me the likelihood to hunt my numerous different pursuits of: digital images, vehicles, artwork, in addition to touring. Web advertising for ME, has truly been the “Vehicle” to me to go after MY REAL pursuits with out the constraints that lots of work would definitely give you.

sK: Presently there are people that might simply need for attending to the levels that you’ve gotten to in 2 numerous enterprise in addition to make investments a life time in search of that… precisely how had been you in a position to do it with (2) numerous enterprise?

Daniel: Haha… you assume? The difficulty in addition to tackle lies proper within the inquiry itself. A lot of folks may simply “DREAM” of attending to these levels. You can’t merely LONG FOR it, or DESIRE FOR it. You require to MAKE it, in addition to PRODUCE it. You could affix a transparent exercise technique, in addition to method to the goals you propose to perform, in addition to go do it.

sK: You truly assume it is that easy?

Daniel: Properly, I can in truth declare that I used to be extraordinarily honored with an incredible group, fantastic administration crew, found the best probabilities (but much more so the timing IN these probabilities), in addition to a stable want to DO WELL. As saying because it seems, “it all starts with STRONG motivators we like to call “YOUR WHY’s”… make your “WHY’S” clear and the “HOW’s” become very easy. I’ve been able to build a large downline group in (2) separate opportunities and hit leadership ranks that pay in excess of 6 figures a year, but what people don’t see is ALL of the planning, time, energy, and hard work that goes into doing it.

Daniel with yet another solid team at a company function.

sK: How important is timing to success in MLM?

Daniel: It’s very important that you find NOT only a GREAT opportunity, but more importantly look at the TIMING within that opportunity. There are so many great companies, which unfortunately the timing has come and gone. Any surfer will tell you, that in order to surf, you need to catch the wave from the front, and not once it’s passed, that’s how building a successful business is done. So many people are sentimentally attached to their opportunity (which isn’t wrong – I still love my first company to death… it’s like your first girlfriend, and you will always cherish those memories), but you have to still remember, we are “SERVICE” people and “SERVICE” decisions are sometimes best made when you can separate your emotional biases from them.

sK: Alright let’s talk a little about actual skills… what would you say is the one or two key skills needed to be able to start over and build large and build a team quickly?

Daniel: Finding a “nice” opportunity with “fantastic” timing; rather than a “fantastic” company with a “nice” timing…I’m sure most of your readers will understand what I mean by that. Being able to “scent” where the next opportunity is can make you a fortune. Make the wrong choice or decisions once too many, and you lose your ability to influence or convince people of that. The second skillset that can help when starting over and building a new team is to create a solid foundation… a house built on soft sand will inevitably come crashing down, never neglect the foundations and basics. Create a solid, duplicatable, and simple system that NOT only your downlines will follow, but you will follow and just GO TO WORK!

sK: You know that solid network marketing companies do an excellent job promoting motivational paraphernalia like books, CD’s, trainers/speakers etc… in your opinion, what is more important to success a solid skillset or a strong mindset?

Daniel: MINDSET!!!! If NASA can teach a monkey to go to space, we can teach you how to do network marketing. Teaching and learning skill sets is simply a choice and a process… nothing too magnificent or magical with that. Having the right mindset, or fertile soil upon which you can plant, is where the “WONDER” process begins.

Daniel stands behind personal development above personal skills.

sK: I highly value the importance of personal development, what are your thoughts?

Daniel: I am a BIG believer on personal development… It’s changed my life! Having the right mindset will make for a great foundation to learn all your skillsets on. I’ve seen way too many talented network marketers (those who posses high amounts of skills and abilities) but lack the proper mindset go to the wayside… often times they fail, not because of their talents, but because of their mindsets.

sK: It’s so true, even in my own downline… I’ve seen some of the most talented presenters and trainers… just fall apart with a weak mental frame. Daniel…you’ve primarily stayed in the Health and Wellness Industry….no water filters, legal services, telecommunications, or anything else…. Why?

Daniel: HAHAHAHAhaha…. the Health and Wellness revolution is here to stay! This isn’t just simply a trend…The Wellness Industry is going to be forever perpetual.

sK: What do you mean by “steady”?

Daniel: When the baby boomers move on, we (Gen X and Y) will soon replace the adult categories, we may ignore the value of wellness products now, being fairly young, but it will soon become a priority for us as we age, whether we like it or not. Once we move on, our children will become to next adult group. There will be NO end to the demands and needs of wellness-based products. Plus how many other things do you know that you can sell, and make money from, but know that you’ve made someone’s life truly better in the process? I don’t get too turned on about saving a few cents on someone’s long distance bill, but I DO get turned on about saving someone’s life…but that’s just me!

sK: We’ll put. This is a tough one I think… but if we surveyed each and every one of your personally sponsored downline past and present, what would they say is your greatest strength and what would they say is your greatest weakness?

Daniel: Wow. That would be scary. Not sure exactly what THEY WOULD say…I really don’t know. I mean if I had to take a guess, I’d assume they’d think my ability to multitask and organize is one of my major strengths. I’ve been told that I can get a lot done in such a short amount of time. People have often asked, if I’ve successfully cloned myself! I really think that time management goes hand in hand with the ability to multitask and organize. I was told by a mentor that I could increase my productivity and results just by simply being more organized.

sK:…and a weakness?

Daniel: As for a weakness, I am very picky and a perfectionist. It drives me nuts when things aren’t done to a 110% and done perfectly. These high standards keep me and my teams performing at the best of our abilities but it also sets me up for countless hours of stress and anxiety.

sK: We talked about this privately and earlier you gave me a great analogy of comparing it to breaking up with a first love, could you share that with us….what it’s like (for whatever reason) when you decide to leave your first MLM company, especially after so much success with it?

Daniel: Whew… for a second i thought you wanted me to comment on my breakup with my first girlfriend!

sK: No, that’s another time…most likely another blog.

Daniel: Haha… well when we join our first MLM company, we tend to get very emotionally invested into the company. Everything is brand new and exciting for us. It’s the first time writing new goals, the first time inviting, the first time building a team, etc. Because of all these “FIRST” time experiences, we develop a strong attachment to these memories. These attachments tend to be more based on emotions rather than logical or rational thoughts. When you’re young and in your first relationship, it can be sometimes dangerous. You may choose to ignore signs of danger or issues because you want to believe you are truly in love. They say love makes you blind and I believe it’s sometimes that emotional attachment that sometimes compromises our logical or rational judgment.

sK:…so you think it’s wrong to be emotionally attached to your first company? Isn’t that a part of commitment?

Daniel: No, there’s NOTHING wrong with having a sentimental value for your company, but it does become an issue when it prevents you from making good business decisions. I’m sure it’d be a no-brainer, but most people wouldn’t want to see a CEO of a major company make huge decisions for the company when they are emotionally compromised or have a biased interest in something. The first “separation” is always going to be the hardest for MOST! I know it was for me. I thought my world was going to be doomed when I first broke up with my “accomplice”. Sooner or later, life will show you that there is more out there. In the same way, you should never blindly turn away an opportunity or overlook it simply because of an emotional or sentimental attachment to something they believe to be true love. Separate the emotional attachment, and look at it as simply a business proposal.

sK: Tell me more about how it was when leaving your first opportunity?

Daniel: When I left my first company, and a large downline organization (after building it for nearly 4 years), it was a very painful and scary process. It felt like stepping out into the dark or into the unknown. After taking a lot of time to research, and study my second company, it was a slow but confident transition into the new company. Sure enough, I don’t regret my decision, and as a business move, it was a complete success. Like relationships, after each breakup, you become that much more wise and experienced. You learn what you liked about your significant other, and what you disliked. That information will SERVE YOU WELL when looking for a new girlfriend.

sK: I’m a proponent of analogies… continue!

Daniel:…you already come prepared for what to expect. The same applies for network marketing. I made a ton of mistakes in my first company but I took all the knowledge, experience, and wisdom gained from my first company, and applied it to the second venture. I made sure to steer clear of any of my former mistakes, and improve on the old, it’s a refinement process.

Is Daniel ready to take center-stage again?

sK: I feel like that is such a big decision…. what do you personally look for when selecting a primary opportunity?

Daniel: There’s really a lot that I consider when searching for an opportunity. There really isn’t a formal science behind the process either.

sK: Ok, give me like a 5-6 aspects you consider in a new company.

Daniel: First off, you check for the simple but important basics: 1) is the company legitimate 2) do they have a strong mission statement or vision 3) do they have a marketable and credible product 4) the corporate team and background 5) how is the timing of this company 6) the compensation plan.

sK: Simple enough…

Daniel: These are just some of the check lists I go through when looking for a company. I do a lot of outside research on the companies I am prospecting. Generally speaking, I always choose from a product-based company versus a service based company, and more specifically always in the health and wellness industry.

sK: What about product line?

Daniel: I also now prefer a more condensed and focal product line. Coming from a company that once had 50+ products and a large catalog/price sheet, I realized it would nearly paralyze some of my downlines from ever learning the product line. A condensed or focal product line allows all the members to quickly learn the products but at the same time, get a much more concentrated efforts to market and expose a product. Some of the largest and fastest growing network marketing companies in recent times have been with companies who choose a condensed or focal product line.

sK: I actually disagree somewhat, I feel there are pros and cons of having a larger product line… but you make some valid points…what about the compensation plan?

Daniel: I look for a comp plan that is lucrative, but also fair. I tend to always believe that the BINARY plan is the easiest of the basic types of comp. plans to build. The basic logic is: if you can’t build 2 legs, there’s no way you can build 3 or 4. Then I really look into the timing and growth cycle of the company. Is this product or company saturated and over exposed? Is this company a startup? Most startups have a higher risk of failure, but a company that’s too old may not have any opportunity left in it. That’s why it’s so important to find a company that has a good balance of stability and newness.

sK:…well since we’re on the subject… word on the social networking ‘street’ is that you’re officially “again” in the game. I heard that you just filled out an application for a new opportunity. Talk about a lucky sponsor (whew)! Without getting into the obvious question… what are you most excited about and what is one aspect of this business that you will never be completely comfortable with?

Daniel: Hahaha… I guess word gets out fast. Two weeks ago I began posting very vague Facebook status updates about me looking for opportunities in network marketing. Then a post about “myself” inviting me to a meeting, needless to say, that triggered a ton of post comments, inbox messages, emails, texts, and phone calls.

sK: What were they saying or asking?

Daniel:…people offering deals, incentives, or just pitching me on why I should take a look at their company. Anyways, so yes, after an intensive search process, I can proudly say that I’ve found a new home to build with. Ironically I also received the blessings of some of the TOP earners in my previous company who would only praise the company I chose…and yes, my sponsor is quite lucky. There’s nothing they could say or do to “promote” me on a company. The only thing they can do is present to me the information that I requested. It is up to me to be “marketed” or not.

sK: So then you signed?

Daniel: I signed up, and started the process of building a team one more time. The difference now being that I am doing this part time (which I answered earlier).It’s also going to prove to so many that you can STILL build a financially rewarding business just from a part-time commitment, as long as you are serious!

sK: How excited are you?

Daniel: I’m just most excited about getting back in the trenches, and building something BIG again. It’s exciting to see the excitement that’s being generated by just me coming back. I truly have to admit I am the luckiest guy in the world. I have so many supportive, and loyal downlines, that I can’t even express with words. Their encouragement and support is probably the biggest reason why I still come back for more. I’m excited to see what we can do with this new vehicle of choice, as I think it’s truly the greatest opportunity the industry has seen to date. The growth of this company is second to none.

sK: What about the second part of my question, what part of MLM will you never completely be comfortable with?

Daniel: The one thing I’ll never be completely comfortable with is knowing that not ALL my downlines will always be with me. I always miss my old team members and the ones who have no longer chosen to pursue network marketing. I miss the people from the old companies who chose to stay or were just on the sidelines.

sK: Do you ever consider going back to one of the companies that you had done before?

Daniel: Who knows it COULD happen, but honestly, I think it’s doubtful. I didn’t leave on a irrational or emotional decision. It was a long process in the making. Plus I left partially because I feel strongly that the “chance” that once was there was no longer there. It has NO reflection on the quality of the company or its products.

The Numbers: A Candid Look Into Daniel’s Blueprint Of Immediate Advancement In His New Opportunity. When Is The Last Time You Were This Detailed In Achieving Your Goal?

sK: As of today, (during this interview)… it’s been about a week since you officially started…. how confident are you in getting back to an elite status in this new venture?

Daniel: Umm… my current genealogy shows approximately 800+ downline currently in the system, most of which has been “power-legged” to supply optimum help in addition to rewards for my employees member. I am merely beginning to develop my numerous different leg presently in addition to my apple iphone has truly been passing away on me mid-day each day for the not too long ago.

sK: Pshh…800 brand-new down line in concerning per week? That is alright I feel… (loopy mockery undoubtedly).

Daniel: I assume we’re off to a improbable starting! The place I am going to inevitably wind up on this agency, I don’t acknowledge. I can inform you that it will be attention-grabbing in any case!

If background in addition to file present actual, Daniel will definitely be again forward on this newest of endeavors.

sK: Precisely how concerning I study again with you later this yr? Daniel, I acknowledge it has been extraordinarily energetic for you these previous few days, in addition to I am explicit you haven’t obtained a lot relaxation. I worth you exhibiting me in addition to my viewers some unbelievable understanding, price in addition to understanding…. Most interesting of fine luck buddy on this following part.

Daniel: Protected wager Soomin! Enable’s not be unfamiliar folks!

Many thanks for sharing,

Soomin Kim

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