Mayan Zodiac Symbols – What These Old Astrology Indicators Mean For You

Mayan zodiac symbols are another methods of developing your originality with astrology indicators. The symbols are based upon the old Haab timetable which has in fact been determined to be over 5,000 years old.

Numerous people have in fact never ever before familiarized the Mayan zodiac, nonetheless with enhanced interest rate in the year 2012 this information is being looked for progressively much more.

The Haab timetable is a regarding 365 day year timetable that is divided right into 19 months or indicators. Your zodiac symbol is based upon the day of your birth, similar to traditional astrology. The day differs for each and every as well as every indicator are detailed right here.

Ch’en: January 2nd to January 21st

Yax: January 22nd to February 10th

Tooth Cavity: February 11th to March 2nd

Keh: March 3rd to March 22nd

Mak: March 23rd to April 11th

K’ank’in: April 12th to May 1st

Muwan: May 2nd to May 21st

Pax: May 22nd to June 10th

Kayab: June 11th to June 30th

Kumk’u: July 1st to July 20th

Wayeb: July 21st to July 25th

Pop: July 26th to August 14th

Will Definitely: August 15th to September 3rd

Sip: September 4th to September 23rd

Sotz: September 24th to October 13th

Sec: October 14th to November 2nd

Xul: November 3rd to November 22nd

Yaxk’in: November 23rd to December 12th

Mol: December 13th to January very first

Discovering the meanings as well as additionally evaluations of Mayan zodiac symbols has in fact been simply among the most significant quests by modern astrologists. Historians have in fact appropriately translated hieroglyphics from scrolls highlighting the Haab timetable in advance up with some conventional evaluations.

As an instance, the jaguar, which played a substantial responsibility in the culture as well as additionally society of Mayans is consisted of as animal signs for 3 of the indicators. So is the dog, which was considered to be a summary right into the adhering to world for those that pass from this collection.

Different various other significance that plays a substantial effect in the Mayan astrology indicators are the elements, the 4 key directions, numerology as well as additionally durations of the year for farming.

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