Metastatic Brain Tumors at a Glance

Metastatic Brain Tumors at a Glance

Most individuals that suffer from brain tumors have metastatic brain tumors. When it comes to brain tumor diagnoses, this is the most common type of brain tumor identified in patients. When an individual suffers from this type of tumor, it means that it is a type of cancer that has developed in the brain that has originated from another region of the body.

There are many different types of cancers that a person may acquire that have the capability of spreading to the brain region. Cancers that affect the lungs, the kidneys, the breasts, the bladder, and other areas of the body may result in the onset of metastatic brain cancer.



There are many symptoms that may develop when an individual develops a metastatic brain tumor. These symptoms come as a result of the fact that tumors have the capability of destroying cells in the brain, the inflammation that typically occurs with tumors, and the pressure that the tumor may cause as it grows.

The symptoms that are experienced are typically unique to the individual that experiences them. No two patients typically have the same symptoms. The following represents the symptoms that may be experienced when a patient has a metastatic brain tumor:

• It is quite common for individuals to experience complications when it comes to basic coordination. It is not at all unusual for a person to appear to be quite clumsy, to drop things that they are carrying, or to fall. Weakness in various areas of the body is also quite common when it comes to the physical complications associated with brain tumors.

• Emotional changes are quite common when it comes to those that have brain tumors. These changes usually occur quite rapidly and the person may exhibit an entirely different personality than they normally exhibit.

• For most people that suffer from any type of brain tumor, headaches are common. These may be mild, moderate, or severe.

• Cognitive changes and complications are quite common among those that experience a metastatic brain cancer. These may include the inability to retain information as well as they used to, a general form of memory loss, judgment that is impaired, and even complications associated with numbers and basic complications.

• Many patients will start to experience seizures. When seizures are experienced, it is typically a new issue for those that have a tumor.

• Complications with both the vision and the speech are relatively common among patients with this common tumor type.

• Many will experience a general feeling of malaise that may or may not be accompanied by a low grade to moderate fever when they experience a metastatic brain tumor.



As you can see, there are many challenges for the individual that suffers from a metastatic brain tumor. This is the most common type of tumor that an individual may suffer from. Since doctors deal with this tumor type on a regular basis, there are many treatments available that may assist in eliminating the tumor and/or reducing it in size so that the symptoms are reduced and the patient is more comfortable overall.

If you are diagnosed with this condition, be certain to work closely with a medical doctor in order to ensure that you have the opportunity of improving your quality of life by reducing symptoms.


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