Mixtures Proclaiming the Delivery of an Exceptionally Stunning Girl in Libra Ascendant

Libra is specifically favoured zodiac signal so far as the bodily magnificence is anxious. Libra is the day home of Venus, the lord of this signal. Venus positive aspects particular dignity when positioned in Libra. It is because of this that among the most stunning faces of movie and tv trade have the imprint of Libra-Venus on them. The entire film-television-fashion trade is dominated by Libra-Venus. 

The presence of Jupiter and Moon within the tenth home of karma (motion, occupation), with the Moon in its personal signal of Most cancers and Jupiter in its exaltation, can create a chemistry that can absolutely make a movie star of a woman. This conjunction alone is able to giving immense success within the magnificence trade, and that features the sphere of cosmetics and cosmetics surgical procedure, too. This lady is not going to solely be very stunning, however she will be able to launch a line of cosmetics named after her. This mix is named Gajakesari Yoga in Sanskrit (presence of Jupiter and the Moon within the angular homes from one another). Right here, nevertheless, it is a strengthened Gajakesari Yoga, as a result of they’re additionally in angular homes from ascendant. Presence of Jupiter in an angle in exaltation creates a robust Hamsa Yoga additionally.

On this case whereas the previous makes this lady immensely rich, the latter makes her stunning like a swan (hamsa).

One other mixture that may make a Libra lady extra stunning may be brought on by the presence of the Solar and Mercury within the eleventh home and Saturn plus Venus within the first home. For these born into Libra ascendant, Saturn is probably the most auspicious planet, its presence in lagna (ascendant) creates a robust Shashak Yoga and Venus in its angular home creates one other highly effective Maalavya Yog. These two yogas within the first home create an vitality that may propel a woman on a excessive trajectory of progress apart from endowing her with nice magnificence and attraction. The presence of the Solar within the eleventh home of Leo (personal home) along with Mercury the ninth and twelfth lord creates a robust Bhagya Yoga (fortunate mixture). The twelfth home is hemmed in between the twelfth lord Mercury and the significator of the twelfth home, Saturn; Venus refers to magnificence, luxurious and pleasures of mattress (twelfth home indications). In response to astrology if a home is hemmed in between its lord and significator, the native will likely be lucky with regard to the indications of that home.

The presence of Jupiter within the second home can add extra lustre to the face this already stunning lady. If the Moon is conjunct this Jupiter, and so they each are being aspected from the Mars within the eleventh home resulting in cancellation of the autumn of the Moon, then this charming lady could have a wonderful husband who will likely be a really excessive administrative or military officer.

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