Numerology of a Sex Item: Marilyn Monroe

[This article is neither intended to extol nor defame Marilyn Monroe. Its purpose is simply to reveal the relationship between some aspects of her life and her numbers in furthering the understanding of numerology as a science.]

In a world of eminence, some people show up, some rise to super-stardom, others transcend their celebrity to wind up being icons. Nevertheless, it is an uncommon number of that wind up being companies. Marilyn Monroe is a movie company.

Born Norma Jeane Mortenson on 1 June 1926 in Los Angeles, The gold state, Marilyn’s really early life was taken care of the grown-up problems of a psychologically unstable mother as well as additionally absentee papa, leading her to grow in a collection of foster houses.

Monroe was amongst among one of the most prominent stars of the hollywood, revealing a mix of susceptability, merit, eminence as well as additionally blonde-bombshell sensualism that hypnotized as well as additionally shocked the world; a life, nevertheless, that changed awful in the future. Marilyn died on 5 August 1962 at the age of thirty-six under a cloud of enigma as well as additionally intrigue, the identical type of enigma as well as additionally intrigue gotten in touch with the murder of John F. Kennedy.

Possibly, the personality most gotten in touch with Marilyn Monroe as a starlet was that of a sex item. She was the sweetie of men around the globe. Joined 3 times, she is often attested to have furthermore had occasions with different other men, among whom were President John F. Kennedy as well as additionally his brother Robert (Wikipedia).

  • What numbers mirrored Monroe’s sex item personality?
  • What number in Marilyn’s chart indicated a dreadful life?
  • What number pattern subjects her really early life’s father-abandonment problems?
  • What IR (Influence/Reality) collection revealed the problems gotten in touch with her mother?

The Sex-related Personality Ranges Of Marilyn Monroe

There are 3 major numbers revealing Marilyn Monroe’s magnetic sex-related personality:

  • Master number 33-6
  • Master number 66-3
  • Number 5

The Master Number 33

Amongst the wonderful components of Monroe’s chart is the amount of indoor stacking of the master number 33. Her Item Heart includes a tristack of this unbelievably purposeful sex-related power, a power which can furthermore produce severe dependences because of its pleasure-seeking premium quality. Having one collection of 33 power works, yet 3 is extremely uncommon. This indoor tristack of 33 power can be developed as 33-33-33 which, when integrated, establishes a 99, the master range of international power as well as additionally rulership. It is extremely uncommon to have a tristack of any type of sort of master number in a Common Matrix component. To have the sex-related power, complete satisfaction as well as additionally image-saturated master number 33 replicated 3 times in the Item Heart positioning is virtually previous understanding, as well as additionally considering that the Item Heart plans one’s life needs, wishes as well as additionally requires, it mirrored Monroe’s motivations, the core of which was to be a sex item.

The Master Number 66

Consisting of in the double 33-6 tristack is the 66-3 Master number in Monroe’s Item Nature. This is furthermore a highly sex-charged master number. It is not customarily as the 33 yet it is nevertheless reliable.

The Number 5

The third number creating Monroe’s sex-related personality is the number 5. It rules the 5 discovers, option, range, exhilaration, experience, adaptability as well as additionally exploration. With each various other, the singular numbers 5 as well as additionally 6 are just one of one of the most effective sex-related mix. Monroe’s Nature was a 5. She took pleasure in option as well as additionally trip. For that reason, her great deals of fanatics. One individual was simply not almost sufficient for her. Basically, Marilyn Monroe can be described as sex incarnate. Her inner requirements, uniqueness as well as additionally life appeared her enchantress image.

A Problematic Lifepath

The number 7 is the range of spiritual testing as well as additionally lugs the most effective degree of feasible mayhem, suffering, deceits as well as additionally experiencing. Marilyn Monroe’s Lifepath was a 7, such John F. Kennedy. Princess Diana furthermore had a 7 Lifepath, as well as additionally it was this number that hinted trouble for Marilyn Monroe’s life right from the beginning, as it offered JRK as well as additionally Diana.

Monroe’s chart housed a 7 room (developed as 7v). Put simply, she had no Gs, Ps or Ys in her birth name. Her first used name of “Norma” is furthermore a 7. Its energised timeline was from birth to age 25. Integrated with her 7 Lifepath, completion result number is a 5, the power of alteration, loss, detachment, exploration, screening, the 5 discovers. Therefore, from birth to age 25 this 7v/5 IR (Influence/Reality) collection increased her 7 Lifepath, creating an issue of busted heart, experiencing as well as additionally bad luck.

Papa Desertion Issues

In numerology the number 1 manages the papa, male power, the self, vanity, individuality, self-direction as well as additionally task. The number 5 controls detachment, loss, adaptability, changability, alteration as well as additionally dividing. Given that Monroe was born on the very first of June, her first Day IR collection was a 1/5, this as an end result of the 1 penetrating her 4 Expression to generate a 5 outcome. This highlights interest in loss or detachment (5) from male power (1). Princess Diana, that furthermore had a 4 Expression as well as additionally that was born on 1 July, had this identical 1/5 IR developed ruling the first element of her life too, as well as additionally her splitting up (detachment) from Royal royal prince Charles is historic. The prominent pilot Charles Lindbergh is an added circumstance of the 1/5 as well as additionally its problems of loss/detachment of male power. His child was abducted as well as additionally eliminated throughout this 1/5 IR embeded in Lindbergh’s 2nd Challenge.

Marilyn’s Mother Issues

As the number 1 means male power, the number 2 means ladies power. Marilyn’s birth parent is factually recognized to have really had emotional problems, as well as additionally because of her disorder Monroe spent her really early life in foster houses. This mayhem with her mother is seen in Monroe’s very first Top which is a 7v/11-2. The 7 room mirrors emotional instability, as well as additionally the 11-2 programs high anxiety as well as additionally anxiety as well as stress and anxiety in the woman, with others as well as additionally links. This not simply would certainly reference Monroe’s mother, yet Monroe herself. It would absolutely furthermore play a consider her links usually.


There is no doubt Marilyn Monroe is a story among stories. Her life was tough yet reliable, reliable adequate to keep her image energetic a half century after her casualty. Although this quick review does not entirely portray her life, it does reveal that Monroe’s numbers match her destiny. The massive amount of 33 as well as additionally 66 master power in her chart, along with the 5 power, generated her sex item image. The 1/5 as well as additionally 7v/11-2 mix in the basic element of her chart clearly discloses problems with both papa as well as additionally mother somewhat. Cover all these with each various other in a 7 Lifepath as well as additionally the result was a dramatically prominent starlet with a dramatically awful yet marketed life. ~finis

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