Numerology of the King of Pop: Michael Jackson

[This article is neither intended to extol nor defame Michael Jackson. Its purpose is simply to reveal the relationship between some aspects of his life and numbers in furthering the understanding of numerology as a science.]

It was the good bard, William Shakespeare, who acknowledged: Uneasy lies the highest that wears a crown (Henry IV. Half II, 1597). In some methods, Michael Jackson (born: Michael Joseph Jackson, 29 August 1958) wore an leisure crown laden with diamonds and jewels. However, in some methods his diamond-studded crown left him with an uneasy head and troubled life.

It is the tactic of the world – kingdoms and kings, cultures and queens, rise and fall. Karmic Laws cares not for princes or paupers, heroes or heroines, celebrities or nobodies, cheers or sneers. All of us are sure by authorized pointers far increased than our imaginative and prescient, or our egos, can perceive… to not point out administration. Furthermore, all of us have a future that is inexorable, inescapable, immutable. Michael Jackson’s future is so clear in his numbers that his life serves as an excellent occasion of look at for school children of numerology. He led a well known nevertheless tragic life, a life every revered by some and reviled by others; a life which exemplified a meteoric rise to fame and fortune nevertheless an equally meteoric fall from grace into the depths of misfortune and despair. Michael Jackson was a self-proclaimed and narcissistic King of Pop who demanded the media search recommendation from him in such phrases. However, kings – self-proclaimed or not – are subject to the an identical divine authorized pointers as all people else. No person is exempt from the Laws which operates, like gravity, with out regard to people, nonetheless gifted or well-known. This article is going to briefly contact upon only a few factors of Jackson’s life and make clear by way of the science of numerology why his life was one of the best ways it tragically was.

Love of Music

Michael Jackson’s love of music is clearly seen in his Basic Matrix. Not solely is his first title, “Michael,” a 33-6, nevertheless his Soul is a 33-6 as correctly, and his Supplies Soul [MS] is a double 66-3 with a 111-3 triple grasp root. This reveals an intense want and want to exact himself by way of paintings, phrases, music, harmony, love, pleasure, movement and, sadly, behavior. These grasp numbers are the “fire in the belly” that strikes the engine, regardless of whose engine they inhabit.

The grasp numbers 33 and 66 are powerfully inventive nevertheless doubtlessly vicious opiates. Managed, they will elevate a person to good heights, as in Jackson’s case. Uncontrolled, these pleasure-based grasp energies can categorical themselves with such dangerous penalties that they lead to in all probability essentially the most insufferable depths of despair and lack of life, moreover as in Jackson’s case.

Intensifying Jackson’s 33-6 Soul and 66-3 Supplies Soul is his 6 Lifepath – a journey forcing him to be taught lessons [both positive and negative] regarding love and harmony [in all aspects of life, not just music], intercourse, family, group, obligation, behavior, hatred, envy, jealousy, bitterness, nurturing and its lack. This 6 Lifepath gave Jackson what his coronary coronary heart desired – all points 6 – nevertheless it absolutely moreover blinded him and, as we’ll see in his Challenges, grew to grow to be a lodestone of immense struggling, serving to energise his misfortune and supreme demise.

Jackson’s Challenges

The three/11-2 Drawback

As Michael Jackson was destined to be a world icon and music revolutionary, he was equally doomed to endure a tough family and love life, effectively being and self-images factors, along with an unrelenting assault on his persevering with nevertheless alleged pedophilia tendencies and actions. These circumstances are clearly flagged in his 4 life Challenges-all of which house a double set of three/11-2 and 6/5 energy. For all 4 Challenges to accommodate two an an identical items of numbers is very unusual.

The amount 3 pointers effectively being/sickness, self image, self-esteem, children, communication, phrases, paintings, pleasure, magnificence and sexuality [with the 5 and 6]. When located in a Drawback place, this negatively aspected 3 creates interior factors involving these topics. For Michael Jackson, this 3 Drawback plagued his complete life because of its full occupation in his 4 Drawback timelines. Furthermore, when blended with the 8 energy of social interaction and connection, it manifested inside the realm of the 2 which pointers shut personal relationship, others and female [yin] energy. The three/2 Drawback references children [3] in relationship [2], a direct inference involving doubtlessly untoward behaviors, i.e., his alleged pedophilia tendencies, which triggered him good stress and turmoil, as is all too usually recognized.

This 3/2 combination moreover helps make clear why Jackson’s appears [3] grew to grow to be feminine [2] as he aged, along with being bizarre and freakish [negative 3]. It is also this 3/2 pattern that gave Jackson a childlike technique [when he chose to use it] and crafted his personal cross to bear regarding not having a typical childhood, which he normally lamented nevertheless was quoted as saying he wouldn’t change for the movie star and power he possessed as a music icon. Furthermore, this 3 Challenged energy carried out a severe place in his poor self-importance and self loathing. Jackson was clearly consumed collectively together with his look and challenged by all of it by way of his life. As his numbers level out, this was a lifelong topic he couldn’t steer clear of.

The 6/5 Drawback

Coupled collectively together with his 3/2 Drawback was a 6/5 IR set (Have an effect on/Actuality). The 6 governs personal love, music, family, nurturing, assist, magnificence, sexuality, harmony, group. When in a Drawback place, it might reference its reverse facet of abuse, jealousy, envy, hatred, bitterness. Mixing collectively together with his 8 Expression, the 6 carried out itself out in an setting of the facility of the 5 [8 + 6 = 14 > 1 + 4 = 5] of change, loss, detachment, movement, selection, freedom. It is this 6/5 IR set that was the concept for Jackson’s familial factors, significantly collectively together with his father, Joseph Walter Jackson [born 26 July 1929], whose Soul and Supplies Soul [his desires, needs, wants and motivations] had been every 6s. Michael’s 6/5 IR set signifies that he would detach [5] from his father’s most ardent needs [6]. Having a 6 Drawback in a 6 Lifepath heralds points collectively together with his life’s journey inside the realm of the middle and residential.

The flip facet of this 6/5 ingredient is that Jackson had a extremely loving and fixed [6] fan base comprised of a range [5] of individuals. Loyalty is one aspect of the 6, and in some methods Jackson’s fan loyalty was as loads a curse as a result of it was a blessing. Followers demand consideration, and oftentimes their obsession with the one they preferred and admired positioned big pressure and stress on Jackson to behave in strategies deleterious to his effectively being and well-being. “The show must go on,” correct? However, from a effectively being standpoint sometimes it’s increased that the current not go on. How loads is a life worth? The value of adulation? Throughout the final analysis, whose life is misplaced and at what value?

Drugs and the amount 6

One in every of many potential attributes of the amount 6 issues its darkish facet of drug use and addition. That’s attributed not solely to its extremely efficient and doubtlessly addictive 33 grasp root however along with its transition root of 15, which appears in Jackson’s Lifepath and 2nd Drawback along with the three/2. The rationale of the 15 is that the 1 of movement embraces the 5 of the senses, freedom and experience, combining to create the 6 [1 + 5 = 6] of affection, sexuality and sensuality whereas being challenged by the 4 [5 – 1 = 4] of self-discipline, self-control and materialism. Having a 15-6 in a chart does not mechanically mandate drug utilization, nevertheless it absolutely does infer the potential. Curiously, the numerical configuration of the phrase “Drugs” is a 6. Lots of Jackson’s inside circle talked about in interviews after his lack of life that he did have a difficulty with pharmaceuticals. In actuality, Deepak Chopra acknowledged in a single such interview that in his assertion Jackson was hooked on pharmaceuticals and he urged him to terminate his indulgence in them. Chopra moreover acknowledged that pharmaceuticals are answerable for further drug behavior than highway remedy. This generally is a sobering, painful and dangerous actuality, not just because drug utilization destroys our our bodies and minds and contributes to the degradation of society, nevertheless because of it references a necessity for remedy inside the first place, an affidavit to the absence of a spiritual nucleus inside the lives of those consumed by them.

Fame, Vitality, Egomania and the 1/99-9 Grasp Energy

Michael Jackson’s first Pinnacle was a 1/99-9. Its timeline was from his supply by way of age thirty. No two numbers performing in reside efficiency have further potential for creating explicit individual power and fame than the 1 and 9. Collectively they symbolize the star [the one (1) who is the center of attention] and the crown [the one who rules and holds magnetic power among the masses (9)].

It’s not doable to get any further iconic and well-known than the1/99-9 combination. The 1/9 (simple mannequin of the 1/99-9) cipher lives inside the public eye. The 1 represents the self, the ego, the originator, doer, activator, chief and star. The 99 represents the tons, public acclaim, recognition and recognition. The picture for the 9 is the crown. Higher than any combination, it is this 1/99-9 combination that rocketed Michael Jackson to world stardom in his adolescence.

As constructive as this 1/99-9 combination was for Jackson, it was moreover immensely instrumental in his destruction. This combination represents the ego and its power, and if that ego and power are normally not managed and positioned inside the right perspective, collectively they inflate a person’s sense of self and worth to ranges of utmost egomania, self-absorption and narcissistic self-proclamation, placing him or her on a pedestal in a tower of giant peak, an edifice insuring a fall of gigantic proportions. This sort of human expression is sadly frequent on the earth of celeb and flies inside the face of all that is spiritually acceptable and divine, which is why Saints and Wonderful Masters on a regular basis practice that humility is the proper insurance coverage protection in opposition to the pejorative potentials of personal power working amuck.

It is no secret that Jackson’s ego was extraordinarily inflated and previous mitigation, this in stark distinction to his seemingly tender and tender nature. It was Jackson himself, not most of the people, who coined himself the “King of Pop” and demanded, not requested based mostly on one reporter, that the media do the an identical. It was Jackson who, saturated with a Messiah Sophisticated as reported by Chris Ayers in a Cases On-line article, commissioned an infinite duplicate of The Last Supper by famed artist Leonardo da Vinci to carry above his mattress. Throughout the portrait, Jackson had Christ’s face modified collectively together with his private and Christ’s disciples modified with well-known people resembling Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Thomas Edison, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Charlie Chaplin and others. What common, humble, spiritually centered, balanced and whole explicit individual would ever contemplate doing such an element, to not point out doing it? It staggers the creativeness to know the dimensions of such an ego. Is that this humility? Sadly, like totally different personages all by way of time, Jackson succumbed to the illusion of his private significance and it destroyed him, because it’ll anyone who believes he or she is bigger than God.


Michael Jackson’s life was, as all of our lives are, a manifestation of future, as revealed inside the numbers of his supply title and supply date. He could not, as we cannot, escape his future. Jackson was a musical genius, extraordinary performer and world icon. The amount patterns 1/99-9, 33-6, 66-3, 3/11-2 and 6/5 carried out a severe place in his life’s fame, fortune, success and turmoil. All through his life, Michael Joseph Jackson adorned the crown of a star, nevertheless as his life unfolded it grew to grow to be obvious that the burden of such a crown created an equal sense of unease following him into his grave.

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