The Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask – Does It Really Work? And Why Do People Not Like It?

Therapy Acne Mask

A brand-new item has actually been presented by Neutrogena: the Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask. This certain item makes use of light treatment to assist you manage your acne. That’s what makes this mask so really encouraging. Commonly, light treatment will certainly cost you around $40 for one session with a full therapy bundle setting you back over $1,000. Contrast this price to the expense of the mask at around $40 as well as you can see why the mask is so enticing. You can utilize this item over and also over once more as well as it will not wind up costing you an arm and also a leg as well as entire lot a lot more acne.

Does It Work?

So, the large concern. Does it truly function? Well, we have actually done some study and also have actually located that this item actually does job. Virtually every person that has actually utilized this item has actually located it that it assisted them manage their acne. It’s likewise a great deal less costly than mosting likely to a medical professional to obtain the light treatment. And also plus you can do it anytime you are house. You simply require 10 mins for the light treatment to function.

So Why Do Some People Not Like It?

Many individuals have actually pointed out that the activator that ships with the item which powers the mask is just great for 30 usages. Afterwards, you need to buy one more activator.

A few other individuals dislike this element due to the fact that they state it is a waste of sources. Each activator is just helpful for 30 usages, so over the months, you need to go via plenty of activators.

A few other individuals do not like it due to the fact that the activator can often be tough to link into the mask. If it’s not connected in appropriately, the mask will not activate, yet the activator will certainly still count down by 1 usage.

This is why you’ll see reduced rankings for the mask from some merchants.


After contrasting the great and also the negative, the outcome is that this is a great item that functions. However you do need to acquire a month-to-month activator. Pricewise, it’s a whole lot less expensive than obtaining treatment somewhere else as well as you do not need to leave your home. There’s a whole lot even more individuals that more than happy with the outcomes as well as are greater than going to buy the activator every month.

What You Need to Know

You will not see outcomes over night with this item. You’ll require to utilize it for at the very least 1 week prior to you see outcomes. As well as for finest outcomes, you’ll require to maintain utilizing this item for as lengthy as you have acne. This is not a remedy, yet a therapy.


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