There is a Mars in my Kitchen

When the Good Emperor Nala misplaced his Kingdom and wandering throughout the forests collectively together with his partner Damayanthi, on account of cruel disposition of the planets in his horoscope, every the King and Queen wanted to beg and pray for meals and materials. Even the Good King wanted to share half of the sarry worn by the Queen. That is the way the planets play their sport into our life. When King Vikrama was in some one else’s palace,The Saturn who was after the Good and truthful King Vikrama,entered the physique of a swan in a life-less picture hanged to a wall, and

swallowed a pearl necklace, solely to hold unhealthy title as thief to the King Vikrama. There is a proverb : When the actual particular person looses vitality,even the underside hits him. That is the rationale Shakespeare [King Lear ]says like this : “As the flies to the wanton boys , are we to the Gods?; They kill us for their sport;

However there’s constructive side throughout the sport play of the planets. They will not kill us, besides destined. They make us to fight once more.After all life is filled with fight; Stuffed with train. When the planets make us to free all of the issues, on account of cruel disposition, they provide us one factor treasured in return, so that we preserve the fight and in the long run come once more victorious; Getting , not solely what we did misplaced,nevertheless moreover additional glory and honour for being truthful and by no means deserting our duties and Dharma. Accordingly, when the Kings named above , with yet one more addition of Bheema of Pandavas, have been pushed to the state of beggars, The Mars received right here to the rescue. The Kings are Mars people. King Nala and Bheemasena of Pandavas have been

gifted with the paintings of cooking. The paintings of cooking is synonym with these two Good Warrior Kings. Every of them survived with this reward of paintings of cooking of their time of distress. As quoted in my article ,Blame it on Mars, Mantreshwara praises Mars as residing in kitchen fireside. Besides the Mars bestows his grace, the meals cooked will not get type. Provocation of fashion buds is by Mars. The fireplace throughout the kitchen might be on account of Mars. Firstly Mars represents fireside. Secondly the gasoline we use embody charcoal or fire-wood comes from Earth, who’s mother of Mars. There is a ritual beneath which little part of the rice meals prepared in a charcoal or firewood vary, is taken by hand and put throughout the fireside for the fire-god. Then solely the meals is obtainable to the other gods and later consumed. The Gasoline vary moreover consumes gasoline which is taken from the womb of the Earth, from the place the Mars is supposed to have come from. Oven and Electrical stoves eat electrical vitality, could have a novel interpretation, since they do not come beneath direct Earth gasoline. The meals prepared in Gasoline or Oven, simply is not tasty moreover. That is apart, the Kitchen fireside representing Mars, affords us the power to take care of the life. When Mars is in good place in a person’s horoscope, that specific particular person is inclined to rearrange the tasty meals,

although he may be an excellent soldier or a Mars man brandishing muscle tissue in numerous components. The meals prepared by such specific particular person will get a selected type. Or when the kitchen is positioned in consonance with the Mars place, then moreover that place is blessed. That is the rationale some consuming places, consuming locations, resorts earn money by getting title of their tasty meals.

At any time when there’s in-digestion, the state of in-digestion it is referred to as “Agni Mandya”, meaning slowing down of the fireplace in our stomach. Because of ill-ness, the tactic of burning the meals referred to as Oxidation will get affected. On this course of , the meals we eat will not get digested, by the digestive organs in our physique. This sickness is due to Mars impression. Mars is bilious (Pitta) in nature. At any time when

the PH situation is affected, by the movement and response of the

Hydrochloric acid in our stomach, The Pitta moreover varies. When this pitta is elevated, a person looses stability of ideas moreover.Not too way back it is found by researchers that the digestion of meals is affected all through winter, when the atmospheric temperature is down.Digestion and water borne illnesses enhance all through this period.Thre are two good outdated Vritas referred to as Chaturmasya and Dhanurmasa, which prescribe strict weight-reduction plan of merely digestible meals and prohibit all the onerous meals. Mars is there starting from preparation of meals to till it is digested and vitality to our physique equipped. Whereas describing a house, one will say like this : Drawing Room, Hall , Kitchen, Mattress room , Lavatory and lots of others., Drawing Room is the place , the place the morning Photo voltaic enters first. Hall is the place which provides majestic look to a house. Kitchen is the place the place the life and vitality of the family members is being created and sustained . Look! There is a pattern. In Astrology, Photo voltaic is the signficator of First House. Jupiter and Mercury are the joint significators for the Second House. Mars is the significator or Karaka of Third house for vitality and prowess, which by the best way is Kitchen . Energy throughout the physique is obtained by a method of oxidation of cells. A cell is break up into two. Two turns into 4. Likewise the tactic continues. On this course of heat is generated and this heat retains the physique warmth, whereas providing vitality to the physique. Agni,the fireplace god represents Mars, merely as Yama and Varuna symbolize Saturn. The massive and limitless story of Agni is the story of Mars moreover. Which would require lot of space for such description and makes use of,which is not the scope of this textual content. Agni is soul of Mars.Agni inside the kind of Tejas moreover represents Photo voltaic.

An outstanding partner is the one who offers good meals to the family and good mattress to her husband, thereby she dominates the family and controls her husband by gaining respect and command inside the home. Every these are managed by Mars. When Mars is in good place in horoscope, one can anticipate harmony in family life. Points are disastrous, if Mars is ill-posited. Meals is prepared by way of Agni, the fireplace God represents Mars. An outstanding intercourse is represented by Venus- Mars combination in a horoscope. Mars moreover brings argument,opponents and battle on the unfavorable side. When these parts enter kitchen, the ladies commonly quarrel. That is the rationale kitchen is often referred to as the battleground of a family. No two ladies agree an identical to

clocks. A lady representing Venus wants, she to be assertive and being possessive within the house preserve. The character of Venus is that she enjoys the looking forward to possession, reasonably being possessed. When the other lady moreover asserts within the an identical method battle arises. Look ! There is a pattern. When pattern is there , there is a approach to find out a remedy.“This is elementary! Mr. Watson”, acknowledged Sherlock Holmes.This appies to the sickness of breakdown of Joint Family Residence or the Matrimonial Residence. Astrology shall be helpful, if solely the problems are understood, by right analysis. The Counselors and Psycho-analysts can profit from Astrology, an identical to the Aurveda takes the help of Astrology.

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