Tiny Terrors Terrorize Mankind Once more! Who’s Defending You?

That dreaded just about invisible military of monsters is able to wage conflict on mankind once more this fall. Noticed solely by an electron microscope, chilly and flu virus troops advance – menacingly. No, not a fertile science fiction plot, however slightly a medical science truth. A harsh and brutal actuality that we face yearly of our lives.

In an extraordinary chilly and flu season these ravenous, ruthless sub-microscopic invaders will declare between 250 000 to 500 000 lives throughout the planet, and infect billions extra with myriad diseases. Archives of Inner Medication experiences that the price of the chilly to the U.S. economic system is $40 billion a yr, and possibly 3 occasions that worldwide.

Will this be a mean yr? We are able to solely hope and pray, as this time the human race faces an much more ominous onslaught. The hen flu or avian influenza has engorged the ranks of this ever increasing, ever mutating virus drive.

Professor Mackenzie, a member of the World Well being Organisation’s International Outbreak Alert and Response Community warned: ” …Such a virus is suspected to have caused the 1918-1919 influenza outbreak which killed about 40 million people – 1.5 per cent of the world’s population at the time…We’re closer to a flu pandemic than we have been for many years…If it happens in Beijing today, it’ll be in New York tomorrow…”

So How Do You Defend You And Your Household?

The WHO and CDC work in live performance to offer the flu vaccine. It is smart to get immunized. All the time seek the advice of your physician first, as some persons are in danger from the vaccine.

Keep abreast of the newest chilly and flu information, and go to the WHO and CDC web sites for useful recommendation and steering.

Examine the newest antiviral medicine accessible. Tamiflu® has been confirmed efficient in combating the hen flu in current research. This antiviral treatment was prescribed extra typically than every other throughout final yr’s flu season.

Tamiflu ® assaults the influenza virus and stops it from spreading inside your physique. It treats flu at its supply by attacking the virus that causes the flu, slightly than merely masking signs.

Construct up your immune system, and analysis various strategies – Echinacea, Vitamin C, Zinc, Garlic and different herbs, nutritional vitamins and dietary supplements. Strategy with warning as most of the proclaimed advantages are sometimes unproven.

Examine ColdARREST(TM), a easy 3 minute drug-free process. Physician’s scientific breakthrough discovery claims that it doesn’t masks or suppress flu signs or chilly signs, however really kills the invading virus in simply 3 minutes. No medicine, miracle meals, lozenges or dietary supplements concerned. Only a easy, protected, simple and cheap process that can be utilized safely by adults and kids alike.

Practise sound well being and hygiene habits, and put together to defend and assault the place obligatory in opposition to these deadly and relentless invaders. On the first indicators of signs – act quick and decisively.

Please keep in mind that this text is offered for basic data solely, and shouldn’t be handled as an alternative choice to the medical recommendation of your individual doctor, physician or every other well being care skilled. The author shouldn’t be accountable or responsible for any prognosis made by a person based mostly on the content material of this text.

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