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Matt can easily be described as an All-American, boy-next-door kind with basic wonderful looks. He is a high as well as likewise sporting activities person with blue eyes as well as likewise blonde hair. Throughout most of the pilot episode, he is making use of a red as well as likewise black Mystic Falls Timberwolves layer.


Matt is an exceptionally committed, security as well as likewise caring person. He is kind as well as likewise kindhearted, frequently disclosing great issue for the health, wellness as well as likewise advantage of his sis, Vicki. Despite his break up with Elena Gilbert, he furthermore permits Stefan acknowledge that he appreciates her as well as likewise would absolutely do anything he could for her. As an outcome of his collaboration with his sis as well as likewise reckless mom, he has in fact started to grow faster as well as likewise wind up being added independent.


· Mommy – Kelly Donovan

· Father – Divided

· Sis – Vicki Donovan

Individuality Relationships:

Elena Gilbert:

Simultaneously, Matt as well as likewise Elena continued to be in a link. They divided due to the stress of her mother and fathers casualties given that she called for to operate explain. Matt educates Bonnie that he plans to continue his collaboration with her, nevertheless he presumes that it is much far too late. Elena’s recap of their collaboration is “that friend since childhood that you start dating because you owe it to yourselves to see if you can be more”. Elena furthermore specifies she truly did not have a passionate collaboration with him.

Although say goodbye to in a link with Elena as well as likewise including the understanding that they aren’t probably to be returning with each various other, Matt educates Stefan he would absolutely do anything he could for Elena. Both have in fact obviously acknowledged each different other most of their lives as well as likewise did a good deal of ‘firsts’ with each various other. Matt furthermore specifies that he was friends with Elena at the same time.

Vicki Donovan:

Vicki is the older sis to Matt as well as likewise he deals with her a lot: sticking to her while, she recovers in the university hospital, rushing to uncover her when she goes losing out on a number of times as well as likewise heading straight to the Gilbert house to aid when he discovers she stays in trouble.

Vicki educates Damon that their mom is usually not around which they never ever before genuinely comprehended that their papa was. This advises that both bro or sis are all each different other genuinely has when it entails a family. Matt is furthermore more than likely the only person that genuinely watches out for Vicki. After Stefan removes Vicki’s memory in the university hospital, she winds up being incredibly vibrant with him.

In a wish, Vicki calls him ‘Matty’ along with furthermore in a later episode when she’s bothered. This advises the bro or sis have an expertise as well as likewise ease. Nonetheless, while Vicki is with Damon it furthermore advises that she resents Matt to some aspect for being the efficient one probably to college on a football scholarship while she does not have much of a future.

Matt definitely does not show up pleased when Tyler makes sex-related innovations towards Vicki as well as likewise likes her to have a link with Jeremy Gilbert. He’s likewise prepared to leave Jeremy as well as likewise her alone while she’s anticipated to be unwinding. Matt does educate Elena that he presumes it is uncommon his sis as well as likewise brother or sister are dating given that he is Elena’s ex-boyfriend.

Tyler Lockwood:

In the pilot, Tyler as well as likewise Matt are hanging out at the Mystic Grill. Matt does not such as the idea that Tyler has a link with his sis Vicki. Matt is far more disrupted by Jeremy’s impacts that Tyler sexually needed himself on Vicki. Matt doubts of Tyler, advising that while they are buddies it definitely isn’t a close one. Both fight in the locker room throughout a football computer game, where Matt states he is tired of Tyler’s bully nature. Thinking about that this minute, it appears they do not accompany each various other, although Tyler does try in advance to Matt to give concern when Vicki goes losing out on as well as likewise utilizes to aid search for her. Their partnership seems recovering as they start to play basketball with each various other, discuss links as well as likewise Tyler gets a journey house from Matt after an inadequate night at the work fair at university.

Stefan Salvatore:

Initially, Matt does not rely on Stefan as an outcome of Elena’s enthusiasm in him. Nonetheless, Matt is sufficient of a gent to existing himself to Stefan rather than just forgeting him. After Vicki is attacked, Matt’s unpredictabilities take him right to Stefan. Matt is so uncertain that he abides by Stefan when he sees him in the university hospital mosting likely to Vicki as well as likewise is disrupted when Stefan disappears. When Vicki quits the Mystic Grill Matt more than likely to search for Stefan as well as likewise is openly uncertain of him. Nonetheless, Matt winds up being genuinely happy to Stefan when he discovers that he helped return Vicki firmly. Matt educates Elena that Stefan can truly be an excellent individual while playing a computer game of swimming pool. Matt turns up to have in fact brought back adequate rely on order to adhere to Stefan’s employer Vicki when he does not acknowledge simply exactly how to aid her as she wind up being a vampire.

Caroline Forbes:

Matt states he comprehended Caroline taking into consideration that the really initial high quality although he truly did not genuinely like her. Damon vocally strikes Caroline so she gets drunk as well as likewise chat with Matt worrying her problems. They wind up being buddies after Matt states he identifies what it feels like to be alone. While it was harsh in the start, Caroline as well as likewise Matt start dating. Elena as well as likewise Matt’s dating history usually make Caroline jealous given that they are still close.

Kelly Donovan:

Kelly is Matt’s mom; she is away a lot as well as likewise usually goes off with individuals. Matt specifies he can not rely on her as well as likewise this discloses that they have a far-off collaboration. Nonetheless, when Matt help his intoxicated mother house she admits that when Pete left her she came back for her young people given that she comprehended Matt would absolutely never ever before leave. While Matt intends to supply her a second possibility, the stress of Vicki’s loss as well as likewise Kelly’s later tasks provide the straw that damaged the camel’s back for Matt. Matt reprimands her although she is depressing as well as likewise sobbing. He educates her to leave which is life is much much better off without her.

Approximate Realities:

· His facility initial is G.

· He usually decreases various other people’s names such as Vicki – Vic, Tyler – Ty, Jeremy – Jer as well as likewise Caroline – Car.

· His coat number 6 as well as likewise he is the quarterback for the football team.

· It is advised that his member of the family history is Irish.

· He is a substantial fan of Relative Individual.

· At 8 years old, Matt meant to be an astronaut as well as likewise placed on tin light weight aluminum foil on his head.

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