What are your daily habits that will help reveal the secrets of the character?


Psychologists have recently recorded a new trend – daily habits hide the secrets of the character and can tell a lot about your daily life personality. During the day, you are already performing standard functions – brush your teeth, fold your clothes, talk on the phone, wash your face, remove your shoes, etc. All this has become so automated that it doesn’t even happen that you do each of these actions separately and characterize you as a person from different angles. Start analyzing yourself with how you hold the pen. If its location takes place between the index and middle fingers, you are a social and easy-to-meet person. If you are accustomed to holding a pencil between your thumb and forefinger, you are a curious and smart person who loves a huge flow of information.

Then move on to the second action, familiar to the 21st century – it turns out that there are many variations to take a selfie. If you photograph yourself from below, then you are good enough and open to society. The habit of being in the background next to the photographer speaks of shame.

The way of making lips with ducks that are inherent in most women speaks of their insecurity. Then take care of your daily habits. For example, if you take a quick shower, then you are a rational and intelligent person, pragmatism is in you. Singing during a quick shower makes you a creative, confident and social person. If you like to lie in the bathroom for a long time, then you are calm, very patient and limited. Perfectionist and detail lover will give candles and bombs in the bathroom.


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