What is the name of long-distance running?

What is the name of long-distance running?

Long distance running is becoming more and more popular. Competitions are organized separately runners for long distances. Athletes show amazing endurance and body control.

What are the benefits of running long distances?

Many people prefer this sport for the following reasons:

  • improving the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • development of the respiratory system;
  • strengthening of blood vessels;
  • increased saturation of body tissues with oxygen;
  • acceleration of metabolic processes;
  • the fight against extra pounds;
  • improving muscle quality;
  • ensuring blood flow to the liver;
  • better opening of sweat glands and elimination of toxins;
  • education of character, endurance and fortitude.

Long distance running

What is technique long distance running?

Long distance running has several technical features:

  1. Try to breathe through your nose, especially if exercising or competitions occur in the winter.
  2. Breathe deeply, while using the diaphragm.
  3. Do not try to disrupt or rearrange natural breathing rhythms when the race… This is inherent in nature, so it is worth submitting to her.
  4. Do not try to run faster than the respiratory system allows. There is a risk of quickly “fizzling out” and leaving the race.
  5. Do not talk during training, this disrupts breathing.
  6. Better to run in the fresh air, away from polluted areas. The ideal place to train would be stadium, park or square. In bad weather, you can train indoors.
  7. Not running with a full stomach can lead to shortness of breath. It is advisable to start the lesson 2 hours after the meal.
  8. Dress in loose-fitting clothing that does not restrict movement and does not interfere with breathing.
  9. If it’s too hard to breathe through your nose, you can sometimes breathe out through your mouth.

Long distance running has several technical features

How to increase your own endurance and performance?

To improve performance in training and marathons, you can use some tricks:

  1. Make time for interval training running.
  2. Engage in exercises that involve lifting weights. This will make your muscles more developed and allow you to run faster.
  3. Exercise on a bike trainer with maximum load.
  4. Swimming develops the upper body well and improves endurance.
  5. Gradually increase the distance by a few percent. The increase should be done weekly.
  6. Jump rope or rope.
  7. Accelerate towards the end of the distance.
  8. Sometimes train on uneven surfaces. Wildlife areas with hilly terrain or small depressions in the ground are suitable for this.

How to increase your own endurance and performance?

What else should you consider when running long distances?

Experienced athletes advise beginners to consider some tricks:

  1. In hot weather, you should take enough water with you for a run, but in winter you should refuse it.
  2. If you need to sharply increase your speed, then it is better to bend your elbows more strongly.
  3. Long breaks between workouts should not be taken. If it was decided to run, then you need to do it regularly, so as not to start all over again later.
  4. To check the stability of your breathing, you need to try to say a few words out loud. If at the same time it remains the same, then everything is in order.

This sport helps not only to ensure good physical health, but also volitional performance.


Thus, many people run long distances and go to marathons. This sport helps not only to ensure good physical health, but also volitional performance.


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