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Zitpeel VS Postzit. Discover their differences and how to combine them

Some of the inquiries we have actually obtained one of the most complying with the current Acnemy launch had to do with the distinction between our brand-new item, Zitpeel, and our well-well-known Postzit.

If you have acne-vulnerable skin, both items are going to be a have-to-have in your skincare regimen. To separate and obtain to understand them much better, allow’s have a look at the objective of every one of them.


A face product is an item with a high focus on energetic components, permitting it to get too much deeper layers of the skin. They likewise have a detailed activity, (moistening, anti-aging, scrubbing…) and do so with a little dosage of item. 3 or 4 decreases suffices to use on the face and neck.

One of our lotions, which is likewise the subject of these days’ blog post, is the Postzit by Acnemy. A product made up of glycolic acid is particularly developed to remove the marks that normally continue to be on the skin after having had acne. In enhancement to boosting the skin in relation to these acne marks, it likewise boosts its structure and tone. Its formula likewise has Salicylic Acid and Quora Noni to protect against acne and equilibrium the skin’s microbiome.


Peeling is a skin peeling procedure that eliminates dead cells from the surface layers of the skin. Adding a peeling off right into your skincare regular offers a correct revival of skin cells, effective removal of pollutants, and a unified complexion. In enhancement to boosting skin radiance and structure. There are 2 kinds of peelings, chemical and mechanical.

Basically, Zitpeel, Acnemy’s most current launch, is a chemical peeling off particularly developed for acne-vulnerable skin, which, many thanks to its ideal mix of AHA, BHA, and PHA acids, serves as a shock therapy versus acne breakouts. It carefully scrubs the skin, additionally lowering the marks left by places and unifying the complexion. It must be used prior to rest, left overnight and the excess item must be eliminated in the early morning.


Both items manage typical locations of skincare, they both aid boost the look and tone of the skin. Postzit is an item that can be made use of 3 to 4 times a week as a routine action of your skin care regimen. While Zitpeel, being even more of shock therapy and made up of 4 acids, is a rather extra hostile item for the skin, that is much better to be made use of periodically, those weeks when you’re experiencing extreme acne breakouts. During these weeks, you can use Zitpeel rather than Postzit, following a laundry with the Zitclean cleaning gel, throughout your nighttime skin care regimen and 3 times a week at the majority of. After utilizing Zitpeel, you will certainly be able to see amazing enhancement on your skin.

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